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    Default Romance Rewards T Shirts

    We need to decide which option we are going to go for with our Romance Rewards - we can have either T shirts, sparkling wine & confectionery or candles. We don't fancy the candles, and will probably go for the T shirts, but can anyone tell me what they are like? Photos would be great!!!

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    Here's a link to a thread from a few months ago about the t-shirts. I posted a few pics of ours from CSS in Aug.


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    Keep in mind the ladies shirts are more fitted and on the small side.

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    We have received different tshirts every time we've been to Couples, which I'm hoping for a different one this time, too.
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    We were at CSA last week and the t-shirts were just plain old run of the mill t-shirts. They said 'Very Important Couple' on the front, and had all of the resorts listed on the back. They only had XL for size and no differentiation between male and female. They are fine, but will not fit my hubby and are a bit large for me. Although I can wear them to sleep in or work out. Don't stress over it too much.

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    The shirts we got this past January are the same as in the pic link Jackie posted; as someone who does wear a small, I still found the shirt very un-form fitting!

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    There was a decision about the T-shirts and what I remember from it, was that some people got the basic T and some got the his and hers version.

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    We just received shirts from CTI & CSS and neither had fitted womens shirts, but they did run small. Last year we were at CN and received regular style shirts also.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    We just returned from CTI and the ladies shirt was fitted.

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    Default Talk about SMALL!

    We were at CN last month and I got a ladies Small tshirt. It was a nice tshirt but I think it might just fit my 10 year old niece (who is small for her age!). (And this after I requested an XL ladies shirt!)
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    If the shirt you get doesn't fit, simply take it back to the front desk and exchange it for one that does fit! No problem!
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    We were at CSA recently and got regular t's and the very same style as the ones we got in 2008. Wonder if they will ever change them? Would love to see a more colorful design.

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