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    Default Carry On vs Checking Bags

    I am trying to decide whether to try and carry on everything or check bags. Staying 7 days at CSA. I am worried about lost luggage. Has anyone used laundry service at CSA? If so, no problems? I seen no coin operated services were available.

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    I can pack enough clothes for 7 days for Couples in a carry on, but what I can't pack enough of is sunscreen and it's expensive in the gift shop. I am also picky about what I use and use several different SPFs during the stay.

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    We just arrived home from 7 nights at CSS with only carry on - we still brought too many cloths! Next year my personal goal is to lighten the carry on by at least -10lbs. Shoes are the big space killer so try to limit the number of shoes.

    Sunscreen is the main issue and I was lucky that someone brought me the spray but the rest of it I just re-packed into smaller containers you can buy for $1. As long as the liquid is in a 3oz or smaller package it will go through without issue. We actually bought alot of sunscreen home because we brought too much.
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    In 6 trips to Couples, we have never checked a bag, and we normally stay 9 nights. Limit your shoes and fancy clothes to just what you'll need for the few nights at the upscale restaurants. The bulk of what you'll need are bathing suits, t-shirts, and shorts.
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    Ditto the sunscreen issue. Would love to try carry on and were it not for that, I think I MAY be at a point where I could finally do it (my load gets less with every trip). We just use too much throughout the week not to check baggage.

    Never had a problem with bags at MBJ. I do worry every time. I've had several instances where immigration took an hour or so and the bags were sitting waiting for us. I wasn't a fan of that, but it was fine and no one messed with them. The last time immigration was fast and they weren't even on the conveyor belt yet by the time we got to the baggage area.

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    We've tried it both ways, and now we each take one carry - on bag, and we share one checked bag between us. Everything in the checked bag is bonus stuff and gifts for friends. If it should happen to get lost we can still function without it. On the way there, the checked bag is half full, we leave plenty of room for souvenirs, coffee, and rum. Last time we hit it just right - the bag weighed49 pounds on the way back. Full of goodies !

    It takes long enough to get through immigration at Montego Bay that your checked bags will be waiting for you in the customs hall. So you don't save any time going carry - on only.
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