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    Default CSA Tie Dye class

    Hope someone can tell us about this class. Did you bring your own t shirt to dye? Did it turn out nice? Would you do it again? How long did it take? Any hints.

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    You can bring your own t-shirt or buy one from them. I think it was $6 last April. We did it and had fun.

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    I love doing the tie dye but last time I brought my own tshirts and they still charged me almost as much as they charged for the resort provided ones (which I thought was a little ridiculous). It really depends on how many people are participating as to how long it takes. I have some pictures of me tie dying on another computer. I'll try to remember to upload them up here so you can get an idea. I definitely recommend it, esp bringing your own shirt -- even if they do still charge to do it -- because a lot of people had problems getting tshirts they liked or that fit (from the resort choices).
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    Yes, we brought our own only b/c I knew they'd be too big! lol I even brought one for the little one & she loves was a lot of fun!

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    Bring a white tank top - or kids' shirt if you'd like

    It takes longer for the shirt to dry than to dye it

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    I've heard of some people spicing up their "repeater's t-shirt" at the tie dye class.
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    We haven't done it yet but I would like to and I think we'll bring our own t-shirts. As for the time frame, I'm not sure but I would imagine no longer than an hour.

    Kevin & Angie

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