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    Default length of stay at csa.

    Is 8 days long enough to be at the resort? Will we be able to do outside excursions if we choose?
    Thanks Melissa

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    Interesting question, when we were there in Feb we like most of the Brits were there for 2 weeks. We made loads of friends from the US who were only staying for 4-5 days. Anyway to answer your question we missed out on loads in our 14 day stay. So we are doing another 14 days next feb.

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    Default Yup, plenty of time!!!

    We went to Couples Swept Away for 8 days for our honeymoon and we got to do everything Couples offers (snorkeling, scuba, Catamarran cruise twice, visited all 5 restaurants, walked the beach and bought stuff from vendors) As far as outside of Couples, since there is a never-ending beach and tons of bars/restaurants/huts to buy stuff at, you should be very satisfied. Greatest place in the world!

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    That is plenty of time to take in everything the resort has to offer, plus anything else you'd like to do. Have fun!!

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    Regardless of which Couples resort you chose, there are plenty of local or regional excursions to enjoy... if you choose to. There is plenty to do at SweptAway, and Negril is nearby. Seven-mile Beach beckons in both directions (ok, it beckons louder toward Negril).

    Eight days is plenty long enough to arrange for a day "off-campus". Most tour operators are willing to pick you up before 9 am, and most tours in this region of the island can pace you to have you back by sunset.

    Don't forget to spend time on that gorgeous beach!


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    Hope it is we are only staying for eight days!

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    eights days is good. however once you go you will always want more.


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    8 days sounds like heaven. If you have more time and more money, I'm sure more days would be even more heaven. You will have plenty of time to do an outside excursion or two. Have fun!

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    Yes, 8 days is long enough. Unfortunately, you have to leave sometime :-(

    You can do as much or as little as you want. It's all up to you. There are lots of things to do in the resort that will keep you busy if you so choose. The catamaran cruise that the resort provides is a must. It gets you off property, takes you to the caves/cliffs for a little swimming/jumping if you desire. They will then take you past Rick's cafe and up past the lighthouse. It's a fun way to see and do things without having to go on land escursion that would take a lot longer.

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    Plenty! We were there 6 days & I would not do less than that...

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    Hi Melissa;
    Our first trip to Jamaica was 7 days and flew by. Our second trip was to CSA for 2 weeks and it was heaven. We couldn't imagine less than 2 weeks now. We actually relaxed!

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    Yes, if you choose.

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    We did 2 weeks at CSA and it flew by. Next up for us is 10 days at CSS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melissa View Post
    Is 8 days long enough to be at the resort? Will we be able to do outside excursions if we choose?
    Thanks Melissa
    No,8 days in not enough. I would recommend staying for at least a year!
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    We go for 8 days and it's enough to fit everything in. We haven't been off resort so I can't speak of that but I think 8 is a good amount of time although we would love to be able to stay for 10 or more ha ha That would be perfect!

    Kevin & Angie

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