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    Default Help us pick a resort

    We've never been to a Couples resort... they all look really nice.

    Our first priority is food. We both like really good quality food... like the farm-to-table stuff here in the states. Do any of these resorts have the upper hand in this department?

    Our second priority would be beach. Don't need AN.

    Any suggestions for which one we should go for in June?


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    Most say CTI has the best food... but not by alot. There is a sandy beach, not very long but private with no outside traffic. Keep searching and visiting each property and checking out the youtube videos. The one you keep returning to is the one for you. You can't go wrong.
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    The food is the same at all four Coupes resorts. You will get some bad food once in a while but overall it is 95% great. The best beaches by far are in Negril. The beach at Couples Negril is quite a bit better than Swept Away because the beach at Swept away is extremely narrow (not much room from the water to the sidewalk). It is also very long, so there is a long walk from one end to the other and there are restaurants at each end. That is why we like Couples Negril the best. It has a much, much deeper beach and not so long (overall beach area is about the same as Swept Away). Everything is centrally located at Couples Negril around the main pool with the rooms on the ends.
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    I found, as a vegetarian, the food to be extremely fresh and tasty at CTI. A staff member told me they grow most of their veggies there on site. I can't comment on the fish and meat because I didnt eat it, but I overall felt like I was eating healthy there and not like a fat american!

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    If this is your first visit to Jamaica, I would suggest either CSA or CN, because of the amazing beaches!! If the beach isn't important, then CSS would be my choice.

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    Welcome to Couples,

    There is a problem with a question like this. You will find guests that are extremely loyal to their favorite Couples. They may tell you one Couples is better than the others even if they haven't been to all of them. So an answer to a question like this may be somewhat skewed.

    We consider all of the Couples resorts to be equally nice. Each resort has its strong and weak points all are nice.

    The food will be similar at each resort. I almost always gain weight during our stay. The food is amazing. Most of the food served at Couples is local. Some of the resorts will even have a garden where the chef will grow their own spices.

    Beaches, depends upon what you like. The size of the beach at each resort is adequate for the number of guests.We usually go during February which is the busiest time of the year and the Couples and we never have problems getting chairs and a table.

    The beach at CSA is large. If you decide to go for a walk it goes for miles. CSA has the best sunset of any Couples. Most of the beachfront rooms don't have an unobstructed view of the ocean. There will be some vegetation blocking your view.

    The beach at CN is smaller. If you decide to walk the beach going from the far end of the beach and back is about 2 miles. Still a nice walk. The quality of the sunset will depend upon the time of year. During the winter months the sunset will be over the point to your left. During the summer the sunset is over Bloody Bay and is nicer. There is no room at CN that will have an unobstructed view of the ocean. We stayed in a Beachfront room. The view from the veranda was nice.

    The down side of the beaches at CSA and CN. The area adjacent to the water on any beach in Jamaica is considered public property. Expect a never ending parade of performers, vendors, and drug dealers trying to sell you something.

    The beach at CTI. This beach is small but plenty adequate for the resort. No sunset because it is on the wrong side of Jamaica. Sunset happens on the back side of the resort. No long walks on the beach either. While facing the ocean there will be a pier and seawall and to the right there will be cliffs. But on the positive side this completely isolates the beach so there is not the parade of performers, vendors, and drug dealers. CTI is also far enough away from Ocho Rios that you won't see much boat traffic either. Because of the layout of the resort there will be rooms with spectacular unobstructed views of the ocean.

    We haven't been to CSS. But I would expect the food to be just as good as any other Couples. The beach should be nice also. Their beach is isolated like CTI and would not have much boat traffic either.

    Now the good news. There really isn't a wrong or bad choice. My recommendation. Check out the main Couples website closely. Look at each section closely. Another good source is Youtube. Hre you will find many official and unofficial videos on each resort. Just search for Couples then the resort name. Example Couples Swept Away. After looking at the resorts one may call you more than the others. Pick that resort and don't look back. You can always try another Couples for a future trip.

    Something about Couples. You will find a lot of repeat customers. On our last trip we encountered a couple who had been to Couples over 50 times. I think the amount of repeat couples says a lot about the Couples resorts.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise.
    Jack and Kathy
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    After visiting all 4, CTI was the best food, CSA #2, CN #3, CSS #4

    Beach CN=#1, CSA #2, CSS #3, CTI #4

    Privacy CSS=#1, CTI #2, CN#3, CSA #4

    Best View from your room CTI #1, CSS #2, CSA #3, CN #4

    Our favorite is CTI, the veggie bar, Jerk chicken at the pool bar and Eight Rivers for an Elegant dinner. The beach is small but we do not need a bunch of room. I like the 2 pools so that you can spread out.

    CN would be our favorite but with the 1 large pool it gets noisy there when occupancy is high and to crowded for us but the beach is awesome and the food is really good there. Most of the rooms struggle to have a great view of the water. They are situated in rectangle buildings like and older Motel in the US, if you are at the far end of that building you might not have any view of the water

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    Qwerty, We've been to CSA 6 times with our 7th booked. We have visited cn on a Trading Places day and stayed at CSS. I can say that CSA has the most spectacular beach I've ever seen and I've been all over the Caribbean. All the resorts ha e great food, CSA has more choices. If you'd like picture proof, email me at because I cannot figure out how to post here.

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    After staying at all four Couples Resorts......I can honestly tell you there is no bad choice with any of them! I agree with Mad Jack, keeping looking at the website and reading the message board. Everyone has their favorite but the fact that Couples has SO many repeat customers speaks volumes in itself.

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    Default Food at Couples

    You will love Couples food. I have been to each property several times (in total 18 times, to Jamaica over 35 times). Swept Away is my personal favorite for both food and beach. One of the threads /replies said Swept Aways beach was small - they may have it confused with the Negril property, or we have a difference in the term. Swept Away is in the middle of 7 mile beach, one of the best beaches in all of the Caribbean.

    The food is also extremely good at Couples Tower Isle- one of my stays we split or stay between 2 properties, I noticed a small difference between Tower and Negril. We did not go hungry thou. I tried to upload a personal beach picture but was unable to get the board to take it.

    I might also recommend a travel agent who knows each of the Couples properties to help you get the exact one for you.... They are not all the same- oh except for great-- they are all great

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    If food is the question then CTI is the answer.
    Chef Valentine has been voted in the top 5 chefs in the Caribbean. Not just Jamaica.

    He goes out of his way to make your stay special.


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    we have been to jamaica probably 25 times. july will be our 15 straight year to CN. we will put bloody bay beach up against any other. because it's on a bay with only 3 other resorts beach vendors are less than other beaches we have been too. if you like big waves, bloody bay ins't for you. very calm you can walk out 50 yards and be in chest deep water and still see your feet on a sandy bottom. to us rooms are last on our list of importance because you aren't in them very much.

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    Default Cti

    If food is a priority, the restaurants at CTI are all excellent. I can't promise that all Couples resorts are farm to table, but they are definitely fresh. DH and I always feel that the food tastes cleaner, healthier, and has less preservatives. We love Jamaican food, and while there are plenty of dishes aimed at the non-Jamaican palate, there are always some local dishes that are delicious. The beach at CTI is good, but CSA's is superior. I have been all over the Caribbean and it is the prettiest beach that I've ever seen. I'm sure you'll have an amazing vacation at whatever Couples resort you choose.

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    We are beach people and the message board is pretty clear, if you want beach stay on the Negril side.

    We have stayed at CSA 3 times and did CN in November just to compare. We were hoping to end that trip with a #1 choice for future bookings, it didn't work.
    Beach - we both agree CSA is our preferred, more room to spread out and be alone if you want or join up with others. Better for long walks off-property.
    Food - Quality equally great but CSA has more options.
    Vibe - CSA more romantic and quieter (except when large wedding parties descend)
    Pool - CN hands down. Tends to become very social at the end of the day.
    Rooms - Pretty equal. We always go for the lowest rate room to maximize days in heaven, and we don't spend much time in the room anyway.

    Looking at booking 2019 and might do a split stay, CSA first to relax and be romantic, CN for fun and Donnavon Dalrymple

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    Default Choosing a resort

    Quote Originally Posted by Artie View Post
    If this is your first visit to Jamaica, I would suggest either CSA or CN, because of the amazing beaches!! If the beach isn't important, then CSS would be my choice.
    Arti, I agree w/ you & Mad Jack -- If beach is important, then you simply cant go wrong with CSA or CN. We personally LOVED CSS - it's small, intimate and you seriously feel like you're the only ones there. We just got back from CN (you can read the full review I just posted today).
    You can't go wrong - the only thing I disagree with Jack on is we have been to Couples 3 times and don't yet have a favorite (though CSS is definitely up there). We just can't get over the most beautiful blue water in Negril. Good luck to you - if you have specific questions, feel free to ask me at

    One Love

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