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    Default Tower Isle - it's all true

    They say to try it early in your vacation and they were very right! We went out to the island on our first full day at CTI in the afternoon and it was beautiful. We went to the right and relaxed with a drink and a book. I volunteered to go to the bar for refills while Trish was not fully comfortable with joining in on the shenanigans near the pool/bar.

    We went back to the island every single afternoon!

    The second time out, we started to mingle a bit and made some friends. I was shanghai'd at the bar with squirting turtles, so I fought back with a cannonball into the pool probably ruining every drink in the area!

    That night our new friends convinced Trish to try the pool/bar, so on our third time at the island we joined the group in the pool. We played, likely, the first ever game of texas hold'em on the island. Acetate cards and nice poker chips worked well in the pool.

    The next couple times out to the island, we returned to the right side as we really enjoyed the peacefulness of the island. The breeze is amazing and the sounds of the surf are awesome! You'll get the occasional spray which is nice. There is plenty of sun and shade available, so you just move your chair to the whichever you prefer and sit back and enjoy yourselves.

    I tried talking a few other couples out there but they never came out... it's really too bad that they weren't brave enough cause we never even thought about going back to the sandy beach after experiencing the island. I suppose it's okay though because if everyone was brave enough to try it, it would be full all the time and we don't want that!

    In regards to the common questions people have:

    -I never once had any issues with "excitement".. even with some ladies dancing on my table in the pool.

    -There really are all varieties of shapes and sizes.. no worries mon!

    -Nobody cares what your hair situation is down there... do as little trimming or as much as makes you happy.. no need to do anything special. I have to say, I saw a wide range of hair and no hair and it made no difference to me.

    -You really do make friends easily on the island.. even if you aren't comfortable talking to them on the island, you will likely bump into them at dinner and it will be very easy to start a conversation. We made some new friends and it made the experience even better.

    It truly was a good experience. My better half was really unsure about going out there but once she did, she really enjoyed it and was all about going back each day. I'm borderline nudist around the house so it wasn't a big deal to me but it was my first time in that type of setting and I enjoyed it as well. She was proud that she was able to get me to relax for an extended period of time and just sit back with a book.

    There is something for everyone.. if you want to mingle and what not.. hang at the pool/bar, if you want some alone time, go to the right.

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    Thanks for the well written and informative contribution to the board barren. I know it will help others to decide to take the boat ride and experience the island.

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    Well said and absolutely true!

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    We haven't been to the island but we did enjoy our time at CSS....we are taking a day pass this time to visit the island and CTI...sounds like it will be lots of fun!

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    Your right the island is GREAT. Because of the message board we went our second day thank goodness. We also did the day trade at CSS which was amazing!! Loved them both

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