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    It's Tuesday night around eight at night. We just came from the patio for supper.
    A large crowd left today and the occupancy went from around 85-90 percent to around 60.
    The weather has been wonderful. Sunny and hot for the past three days. Not to worry.
    Our hostess looks resplendent with her new makeover. Only those of us who have been coming for a long time, can really appreciate the "old world" style of COR to the 21st century CTI. We are very happy being here.

    Peace Love Respect

    Maybe some more later.


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    Happy vacation Crabracer & Syl. Enjoy! Razzl

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    Richie and Syl. so very happy you are "home". enjoy your stay.


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    Hey Richie - Bob and I made it home late last night. Bob woke up during the night to use the bathroom and almost walked into the wall thinking it was the door to the bathroom in our room at CTI… he had to stop to think where he really was. I opened my curtains this morning expecting a beautiful ocean and Tower Isle view but instead got a view of the bottom pasture and the cows. Now I’m on the boards needing a Jamaica “fix”! I have to find my “happy reality” – and SOON!

    Our pictures of the resort with “Rasta Mon” really turned out great… once Bob helps me post them I will send them to you!

    We had a wonderful time on the island and the people we met were some of the most welcoming ever, especially you and Sylvia!

    Here's to new friends!!!
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    This isn't the `pixie' Tracyl is it??? If it is, thanks for the lesson on the Egyptian animal toe...we're still laughing about that one. You'll soon learn not to trust those Canadians!!!
    We had so much fun and I think we all have some pictures to prove it which will all be exchanged in due time...right Carl??? (LOL) It was great meeting such genuinely down to earth, fun people like you and Bob.
    Till we meet again,
    Dave & Deb

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    What - it's not a good thing to trust Canadians???? NOW you tell us!!! We had so much fun with you guys and everybody else we met... still brings a huge smile to my face! As far as some of the pictures we took ~ well ~ ummm ~ I kinda had to delete a few of them - would be a little hard to explain them to our 13 year old daughter!

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    hehe, we deleted a lot of photos too.. and moved a few to "offline" storage.

    It was nice to meet everyone and hang out with you guys and gals! Trish and I had a wonderful time and are already trying to find out when we can go back to CTI!

    I have a large photo gallery if you guys want to see it.. let me know.

    Adam and Trish

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    Here's to all the people we met and friends we made! The warm weather, good times, good food and time to reconnect is a balm for the soul. After the trip I feel whole again. A piece of coral sits on my desk, memories make my heart light and I'm already saving for a trip back!

    Kerry (half of Kyle and Kerry!)

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    It warms my heart to read about the fun you guys all had together during your visit at CTI. It really does seem as if CTI in particular fosters a spirit of friendship and camaraderie. It's just one of a number of reasons we selected the Grand Lady for the 7 day leg of our stay. Of course Rosa and I plan on a nice little batch of alone time, but we're also looking forward to making new friends and enjoying the social side of the equation, so to speak.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Another amazing trip to CTI! We loved our week with all of our new friends that we made. Friends on the island is why we choose CTI over any other location. We love going over alone and coming home with so many new friends. Island time is what it is all about and the relationships we build over there. We can hardly wait to do it again in July of 2011 for anyone who would like to join us. We love you all and the wonderful time that we had with you. If only they would heat the Buddha Pool just a little for our night time adventures. Have a great Thanksgiving.

    Heidi Sweet Cheeks

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