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    Default Single digit dance...yes!!!!!!

    9 days to go until we're back home at CN!!! Can't wait to see everyone again.

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    Our single digit dance starts on Thanksgiving. What a wonderful thing to be thanful for!

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    I'll be a single digit midget (vertically challenged for the PC) tomorrow. Does anyone else worry that something bad will happen that will prevent their trip? I'm not to the point that I won't leave the house but it does sound like a good idea.
    Karen and Brian

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    6 days for us!! Mentally, I'm already there though. My co-workers are sick of hearing me talk about it.
    I've been worried more about getting sick prior to our departure than anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thelilone View Post
    6 days for us!! Mentally, I'm already there though. My co-workers are sick of hearing me talk about it.
    I've been worried more about getting sick prior to our departure than anything else.
    So I'm not too crazy. I haven't told my coworkers yet because I'm changing offices and that would just be rubbing it in.
    Karen and Brian

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    HA! No, you are not crazy for being afraid that something bad could happen...coming from someone that it did happen to a few trips back!!! I fell down the steps in '04 and broke my ankle in 3 places a few weeks before departure....needless to say, glad we had bought travel insurance! And still continue to to this day! See you soon!

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    We leave tuesday am!!!!

    See you there!

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    I just looked, and our single digit dance also begins on Thanksgiving Day. Just another thing to be thankful for.

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    Ok, you guys take it step by step. 1st you're afraid something will happen, then you're afraid you'll get sick, then even closer to the day, it would just be easier to stay at home. Then one day when you are at home in the single digits you find yourself literally doing the dance! You have to go through that extremely excited nervous energy of a day or two before so you call a few people to accidentally or purposely bring it up so they can tell you to "have a great time and that you deserve it"...You know you do! They really hype you up, it is hard to sleep and the next day closer you wake up even more excited. Now all you have to do is travel to the airport...I love it when you can see the islands from the least this is how I feel. Oh yeah I have 36 days left so now you should feel even better.

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    Default Hawkgroup

    We arrive about one week and one hour from now so a little behind you. Try to have some cold Red Strip ready! Look forward to meeting you.

    Jim and Rita
    Thirsty Canadians

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    9 more days for us....Can't wait to see you all there. We have several other couples joining us there and a few will be meeting us at the door with cool drinks in hand. Let the IOWA invasion begin........Please have plenty of Martinis available for my friend........She loves them............

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    oh know I do!! Unfortunately a little too much!!! HA, HA! I think I hold some kind of record up in the piano bar for tropical martinis, wouldn't you say?!

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    I will be officially off the grid in five days and bag drag to the airport. Mentally - I just left! I've decided NOT to bring my laptop. I'm taking my watch off once I arrive. I've turned over my commissioner duties in my fantasy leagues; I've set my teams for the week. I'm going native baby! Probably can't grow locks in 5 days but I'm giving it an effort.
    Karen and Brian

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    Default single digit dance

    Heeeeey it is IRIECUTIE I am doing to SINGLE DIGIT DANCE. I will be at CSA one week from today(11-24-09) with my BOO. I am so excited I have never been to a Jamaica resort in my life I just hope it is everything everybody is talking about here on the message broad. My bags are packed and at my front door I am so ready to go. CSA I hope you are ready for me cause I am coming to RELAX and PARTY, have lots of FUN and drink lots of RUM. LOL

    Stay Irie and Peaceful
    One Love

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    Almost there myself! We enter single digit-dom on Friday. We haven't packed yet, but only because I am trying not to appear crazy. Of course, work is going crazy this weeks, so that helps keep me busy. It can't get here soon enough!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixel View Post
    We haven't packed yet, but only because I am trying not to appear crazy.
    you made me laugh! Pack! Appear to be crazy! DO IT!

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    7 days,cant wait.Too bad there wont be any Rum Cream left for you Lou .
    Been sitting out on our snowy deck suntanning,only in Colorado.

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    1 and packing. See you all at CN on Friday. LOL

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    8 days 8 days 8 days. The weather in Iowa is turning-if you are all ready there, lucky you. Can't wait to get out for a week!

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    Two more sleeps and we are off to CTI for our first time in Ocho Rios. This will be our third couples after CN, and CSA.

    Can't wait!

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    1 day and a wake up till we're back in paradise!!! WATCH OUT JAMAICA HERE WE COME!!! See all our friends and our new friends to come very soon.

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    One week from today, just about this time, we will be boarding our last leg of our travel day to Swept Away. Soon come, but not soon enough.

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    We too are in the single digit dance and SO excited! First time at Couples - and my coworkers are pretty sick of hearing about it too! 8 days to go for us!!

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