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    Hello all,

    My wife and I returned home from CTI on Saturday, 11/21. We went to a Couples Resort in of course we had a great time.

    Unfortunately we were a little disappointed....probably because we were comparing it to CSS (which we went to last year). If we had never been to CSS we would have been amazed by CTI (it was still better than all of our other non-Couples vacations)...but not quite as good as CSS. With that being said we are not the type of people to visit the island...which I know is a big attraction of CTI.

    Anyway, we thought the lack of options at the restaurants and the taste were sub-par compared to were the rooms (we had a Deluxe Ocean room). All though we did have Wi-Fi in our room in building 4 on the 4th floor (from the Pool bar). That was a BIG plus. We also thought the beach wasn't as nice...but still very nice (if that makes sense).

    Finally we thought some of the staff were not as friendly. Most of them were extremely friendly but there were four people that we thought were unfriendly, unhelpful, pushy or rude. One of the water sports people was actually really pushy...trying to sell us a $60 private trip for two. He started out by saying wouldn't it be nice to take a nice private romantic boat ride so we said sure...then he got in to the cost...we assumed it was free. We told him we would think about it and he kept pushing us to do it. We avoided him for the rest of the trip.

    I had read some reviews about problems with water pressure and I can say that we did not have any issues with water pressure at all.

    We had a great time horseback riding and at Dunn's River Falls. We also did the dune buggy tour which was a lot of fun. We did a dune buggy tour last year when we stayed at CSS and since then they have upgraded their dune buggies and changed where you ride. It is shorter now but the dune buggies are much newer and provide a much softer ride (but still bumpy and fun).

    Sorry this doesn't flow well...I wrote it a few lines at a time while at work

    Now I have to figure out what resort to try next...CSA or CN.

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    My husband and I will be going to CTI and Jamaica for our first time and have booked the Deluxe Ocean room. Could you tell me if you had a zero entry shower or if it was a tub/shower combo.

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    Thanks for the honest review. Some of the reviews seam like they are written by Couples staff, but then I guess if I had written one about either of our stays at Couples Negril it would probably sound that way too. We are CN people but we tried CSS this year and loved it. We are headed to CTI early next year, so we will have to see. We took a trading places to CSA from CN last time and really didn't care for it, so I would have to recommend Couples Negril for your next trip.
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    I really need to write up my review from cti last week...

    I'm glad that you had a good time but sad that you weren't as satisfied as most appear to be. Are you sure the guy asking about the boat ride was from watersports? I don't think the "shell guy" nor the "fishing guy" work for couples as they just hang out in the bay with their own boats. The shell guy snorkels all over with his surfboard thing and then sells shells by the seashore! The other guy... well, I did see him take a couple out on his boat for a bit, I think he's more into selling some other products.

    I do know that some of the staff get some form of commission for up-selling... it was mentioned a couple times in regards to selling the scuba (padi certification)... that you could reference a person that helped you with the decision and they would get some sort of credit for it but they were never pushy about it to us.

    I never had any "bad" service, but I would admit that a few staff members didn't make me feel "at home" in my first couple days there, most however, were awesome and very accommodating. I felt ignored sometimes and other times would be asked if I wanted a drink with dinner, then they would never turn up with my drink. I feel that way sometimes at home too.. I think it's because I'm young and look even younger.. but obviously at couples, everyone is legal drinking age and we all pay the same fees... so I think we should all be treated the same. I would say that the bars seemed to get a bit too busy at times. Maybe they should have a self service tapper for the beer?

    I guess I will have to think a bit before I write up my review, because I had such a wonderful time there, I let a lot of things just slide off my back cause I was in "no problem" mode and really, I was on vacation, so I tried to overlook any minor inconveniences. It was wonderful and I'll be back.. I'm hoping that some staff remember me and my experience will be even better next time! I know I made an impression on some with my dancing abilities!

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    Okay now I'm really starting to worry. We will be at CTI for our first time in February. We have always gone to CSA but this time CTI was more in our price range so we thought we would give it a try. We know not to go there expecting CSA because they aren't anything alike. But after reading the last few negative reports of CTI I'm wondering whether it would be in our best interest to pay the extra and just go back to CSA? It's a lot of money no matter which way you slice it so I'd hate to spend $4000 (Canadian, hence the higher amount for 10 days)and not be happy. For another $400 we could return to CSA. Ugh....
    Sharon "gravysgal"

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    sun n fun: It had a zero entry shower...I think. There was no tub, just a shower current diving the toilet area and the shower area.

    Barren, I realize that my review was much more negative than most reviews of CTI. I think my review made it sound worse than it was. It was not a bad trip in any way...but for us it was not as amazing as CSS. I'm sorry I concentrated on the bad parts and not the good...we did have a GREAT time at CTI...but we liked CSS much better.

    I am not sure where the boat person who wanted $60 was from. He came out from the Watersports shed/building area so I assumed he was with the water sports people.

    Gravysgal: Please don't worry about your trip. You will have an amazing time (just like we did). My point of the review was to say that we liked CSS much better. We did still really enjoy ourselves we just didn't think it was our "home". The four staff members that we thought were unfriendly were in the minority. I would say we saw 10-15 staff members who were extremely friendly and provided great service.

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    We are going to CTI in April for our first time. I would not be put off by reviews as everyone has their own opinion. If you do have an issue I would go to the management as they seem to go above and beyond to make their customers happy. If you have a problem and don't notify them or give them a chance to rectify the problem then how can you complain. No business or employee doesn't have a bad day. That is just my view. My co-worker and his wife just got back from CTI last week. He said it was amazing and 8 rivers was some of the best food he has ever eaten. Vaction is all that you make of it. Try not to compare to much but go with an open mind. If you go expecting CSA then you may be disappointed. Each seems to have its own charm. If you are set on CSA then go back. If you are open to trying a new side on Couples try CTI. I was torn between the two and chose CTI due to price also (CAN) but I plan on trying CSA or CN next time! Good luck.

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    Thanks for the shower info...I just know we will have a great time! Can't wait till January!!!

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    Wally, I can promise you, I am NOT couples staff. Mr2cool and I have been going back to CTI every year for the past 10 years and are booked to go back next year.If everything isn't right during your stay, tell someone, as we have always found the resort staff eager to make "everything IRIE" (you'll learn that one when you get there)There are many couples who have been going back year after year for more years than we have,but none who love it any more than we do.Remember , you are in Jamaica,Not the's different, but wonderful. You won't be disappointed.

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    sun n fun and gravysgal,

    I think you should give CTI a fair try. We have been there 3 times and to CN 2 times and did the trading places to CSS. We actually didn't like CSS and felt the same way about it that people are feeling about CTI here. So everyone has their own opinions. In our opinion CTI's staff has been the friendliest of the 3 however we do love to go to CN for the beach so we alternate between CTI and CN to change it up. We've not been to CSA but we may try it on a trading places pass next time we are at CN.

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    I loved CTI and will be back for sure... I'll get a review written asap and I'll be honest. But it will be relatively glowing because I had a wonderful time!

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    Don't worry we will love CTI! I already know this from reading this board for months and comparing all of the resorts. My husband and I decided this one was for us. We are even thinking about the island...but not sure yet. We already know what excursions we are doing, can't wait to snorkel and do the cat cruise! I was just wondering about the shower because a nice big shower sounds wonderful!
    Thanks for your response, it's great to see people so passionate about their favorite resort!

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    We were at CTI for our 3rd trip this past July and did the Trading Places to CSS. We weren't impressed, yet other people we met loved it. Your vacation is what you make of it. This past vacation was THE best and MOST relaxing vacation we have had. It may have to do with the people that were there, it was in large part due to the staff, it was also due in part that we knew the resort and kind of knew what to expect. In any case, we hope to make trip #4 in July to CTI while friends return to CSS. That is what is great about Couples; while they are a "Couples, only resorts" each resort is unique.

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    We just returned this week also & the food selection was also a disappointment for us, it's not what it was at one time.

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