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    Default I wish I would have brought--NOT

    This is the opposite of teh "I wish I would have brought" thread. A while back there was once and I had taken things that I wished I would have left home. Now as I pack for our trip leaving Friday, I can't for the life of me remember what those things were. So here I am asking for your suggestions of what you took that you wish you would have left at home. Hopefully this will job my memory!

    3 days 16 hours until departure for CTI!

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    I'm notorious for packing WAAAAAAAAAAY to many shoes!

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    Half of our clothes!!! We take way to many darn clothes!!

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    Default things to bring

    The basics toothbrushes etc. 2 to 3 Swimsuits one coverup, a sundress or casual outfit for each dinner. Sunscreen and thermal cup to keep drinks cold. Water camera if you scuba or snorkel. Water shoes for Dunn's, Closed toed shoes and slacks for guys at the 2 nice restaurants. A smile and relaxed attitude that is it! Please tell Kadion that Anthony and Sandy say hi!

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    First off, I am SOOOO jealous !!!!

    Now that I got that out of my system..... I have never needed the bug spray, never needed all of those "day clothes". Totally didn't need all the shoes I brought. No need for body wash or lotion, or aloe (unless you prefer your own). Hope this helps, please have a drink for me, and let's get together when you get back!!


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    A few years back when I was packing to leave "home" and go back to New Jersey (where we live the rest of our time), I started packing the clothes we wore in one bag and the clothes we didn't wear in another. What I discovered - the bag with the clothes we DIDN'T wear had alot more stuff in it. I've changed the way I pack, and STILL seem to take Way too much. (maybe because we spend every day on the "naked"Island? LOL

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    I second the shoe thing. I'm really trying to cut shoes down to 4 pairs and sneakers.
    There is no unhappiness like the misery of sighting land (and work) again after a cheerful, careless voyage ~Mark Twain

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    Oh, I ALWAYS pack WAY too many tanks and shorts! I end up spending my days in bathing suits, with the exception of a pair of shorts and tank for lunch . . I usually pack 2 tanks per day. . .NOT needed! lol

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    Thanks. As I read through, I have decided to cut back on shoes, which I did last year also. I also don't take too many shorts & tanks because I just put a cover up over on to go to lunch & breakfast.

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    my bathing suits- I didn't need them at SSB!

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    It was our first ttrip so, I can see where we made a few mistakes but I'd say next time, we're leaving some money at home. There was no need to have a large amount unless you already have plans made for excursions.

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    The thought of paying to check each bag, each way or even worse, the threat of paying for an overweight bag should have you taking lots of unneeded things out, like heels (who the heck wears heels to the beach other than Bridgett???)

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    I always bring way too many shoes and sandals. Naturally flip flops in every color imaginable

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    More then half of our shoes! The sand at CSA is so soft & clean, that we were barefoot most of the time (during the day)! My husband did not need all the shirts & shorts eiether. For me, I also did not wear half of my jewlery/acessories and I did not wear any make up besides a little lip gloss. We were totally in our element and just relaxed and went with the flow. No fuss & no big deal made out of anything.

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    I think that over packing is the one thing that EVERYONE learns about on their first trip. We are preparing for our fourth trip to CSA next summer, and I think we are beginning to learn to pack properly.

    Too many shoes is my wife's most common error. Some flip flops, a pair of heels and a pair of tennis shoes will be plenty.

    Too many dress clothes also. A couple of dresses for my wife, one collared shirt, a couple of polo shirts and one pair of slacks for me. A pair of shorts for travel (yes, I will wear them both ways) and a pair to wear to dinner on non-dressy nights, which is most nights. Tee shirts and coverups for breakfast and lunch.

    The only thing we will pack multiple sets of is swim wear. We will allow for a fresh suit daily, with an extra. We spend all day, everyday, in our swim suits, so that is the most important item of clothing for the whole week.

    A couple of hats for walking the beach and that's about it. I'm sure we will pack more than we need again, but we will lighten our load from years past also.

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    Way to go...u made it! Only 2 days to go! Relax and enjoy. Please take and post lots of pics. I can't wait for my trip to CTI in Dec.

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    The first time we went to CSA, we brought a ridiculous amount of sunscreen. For a week, I think 2 bottles are MORE than sufficient (I will decline to say just how many bottles we packed ).

    We also didn't need:
    -tealight candles
    -athletic attire! Even though CSA has the wonderful sports complex, we didn't exercise there.

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    Have a wonderful fun filled trip.


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    your font color choice it is very hard on the eyes make your wonderful posts tough to read ... but it does make a great color for a fishing lure or a cycling vest

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    Thanks everyone. Nothing is coming to mind. I already thought of what you have brought up--ie. I don't need a different color flip flop for each swim suit. I also don't think I need to take too many work out clothes--yea, right, I'm going work out-tee hee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeeandD View Post
    my bathing suits- I didn't need them at SSB!
    I totally agree! Last year I brought 6 suits and only wore 1 or 2 so this year I only bring 1 or 2.

    Shoes are the hardest for me but the way I figure if we both are bring a carry on this year we must sacrifice some fashion so my goal is 1 pair of heels and 2 pair sandals.

    Magazines are another thing I will skip on unless they can be read and left on the plane. I brought way too many things to read and they are heavy.

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    Kid - That way you always know it's me

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    I like to think of it as Kristen, like so many others in the world has 'gone green'. And since she's also one of the brightest lights in here.....the bright green just seems to fit.

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    One thing I have discovered during our 8 (soon to be 9) trips to CSA. If you wash out your swimsuits etc. with a little soap it does a better job of getting the salt out. Then things dry a lot more quickly. That way you need to bring less. I pack one travel size box of Tide and it does us for a full week. This also works for quick dry tennis shirts.

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    Thanks Ron, your a sweetie. Now switch your trip to January and I'll buy you and your lovely Rosa a drink

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