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    I received final word that we will be going to Jamaica in March '10. As excited as I am to say it, it is not at Couples. "Why would they do such a thing??" you say. Well, it is for a group of people that my wife works with, and there will be some non-couples and older children coming with. As CN devotees, the hardest part is that we will be just up the close but yet so far. I'm sure we'll be excited when we land in Montego Bay, we'll find some Red Stripe and jerk chicken and the music will bring us back to our 7 days in honeymoon paradise. But as I walk down Bloody Bay beach, I will slow down as I pass CN, secretly wishing I was with all of you counting the red flags as I float from the sea.

    Just neighbors until 2011,

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    I feel for you! We had to stay at a resort next to Couples because there were children coming. We walked past CN each morning and dreamed of being there. So close and yet so far. I know you will be comparing the resorts and you will know you could have been at Couples and aren't. Have fun though!

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    My first experience of Negril was at the B resort next door to CSA years ago when we were there with our children. Back then I dreamed of a couples only vacation. I chose CSA for our 25th anniversary because I knew how fabulous the beach was. I love family vacations, but it is so lovely to be at a stage in our lives when we can focus on us. Next up, CSS.

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    J&P, I know how you feel. We were suppose to go to Couples Negril
    last year but were bumped due to over booking (Not Couples fault)
    and sent to the resort next door. Even though we really enjoyed
    our stay there, it was still really sad when we walked past CN.
    One day we even sneaked in and walked around the grounds to see
    what we were missing. That just added to the torture.

    But happy days are here again, we are booked for CN this
    coming Jan. 23rd!!!

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