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    Default 1st Class Air- Air Jamaica

    Has anyone tried to upgrade to 1st classs at the airport going to Jamaica? Did you get a lower price? If you can do you do it at check-in or at the departure point

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    Yes, we have done that on AJ, right at checkin- both coming and going from MBJ.
    I'm not sure of the cost but it's less than if you booked it originally, since it's based on Availability and getting 2 seats together.

    It makes a lot of difference too- especially on a long flight. AJ takes a lot of blows but we have always had on-time flights and great customer service.

    It's called Lovebird Executive

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    Yes, we've upgraded to first class several times on AJ. At first it was $150 per person. Last December it was $175 per person. Well worth the price.

    We fly out of O'Hare. The flight leaves at 6:30 am. The ticket counter opens at 3:30 am. The earlier you get there the better the chance of upgrading to first class.

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    Yes, we have done it at the airport...about $150.00 per person one way and that was from Orlando...only an 1 hour 30 minute flight....sooo it depends on you! It is a lot more pleasant but not sure if it is cost effective!!!

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    First timers here...and We're trying to decide whether to try to upgrade but not sure if its really worth it. We're traveling from CT (a 4 hour plane ride) and not really sure what is included in the upgrade. Can anyone tell us. Only 47 hrs to go and we will be in CSA....Yeah!!!


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    we upgraded once - you have nicer meals, larger seats, and free drinks. At least when we went. Our flights are about 3-1/2 hrs. We were lucky the time we upgraded. After boarding the plane we were held at least an hour waiting for luggage from a connecting flight. Would have been a long wait in the smaller, tighter seats. It really depends on if you want to spend the money. We are going for our 5th trip in 2 weeks, and have always flown economy class except that one time. My knee was hurting from a week of climbing stairs at the resort and the bus ride back to the airport. So we decided to upgrade to give us more room to stretch out. We were glad we did with the amount of time on the plane before departure.

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    Has anyone tried this on any other airlines? We are flying Northwest.

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    All airlines ( except Southwest & those types)
    offer upgrades- if available. It really is worth it on a flight over 2 hours.

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    we have gone 1st class on the back to Philly the last 2 trips we where on . It was well worth the money to us. Big seat, a nice lounge to sit in especilly if flight is late ( which it seems to be a lot)

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    out of bwi it would have been anadditional $ 200.00 per person...We have flown Air Jamaica since 2004, this was the first time we did not get free champagne or any meals......Now 1st class did get the meals and free drinks....we got soda and banana chips.....i payed $ 5.00 for a "tiny champagne"

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