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    Default CN Beach Quality

    For those of you who frequent CN, after reading a post about another resort on Bloody Bay, there were complaints about the clay like sand and murky water. I'm really torn between CN and CSA but really leaning toward CN even though I love 7 mile beach, so if anyone has any input, this might be the deciding factor for me. Thanks!

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    My husband and I have been to all four of the Couples resorts, and CN 12 times. It's our favorite, and the reason it's our favorite is b/c we think it has the best beach. The only time the water is murky is if there has been a lot of storm activity. Our general experience is that the water is warm and crystal clear. I don't know where you read that the sand is "clay like," but that's completely inaccurate. It's fine and powdery; not hard, not rocky.

    Since you love Seven Mile Beach, it might please you to learn that CN is on Seven Mile Beach. Seven Mile Beach is comprised of Long Bay, which is approximately five miles in length, and Bloody Bay, which is approximately two miles in length. CN is on the smaller of the two bays, but it is nevertheless located on Seven Mile Beach.

    If CN is the resort that appeals to you the most, then my all means go to that resort. You won't be disappointed. We've never been.
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    I stayed at CSA and did the trading places to CN for a day. For me, CSA's beach is better. There was seaweed at CN and the water was clear but not as clear. The roped off swim area at CSA is much larger and the water gets much deeper.

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    In all my years of going to CN I have never heard of clay like sand and murky waters.

    Now granted that after a big storm the ocean is churned up and sea grass is floating all over the area but the staff does an excellent job keeping the beach clean.

    I would have to say that the person who saw murky waters had stains on their glasses.

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    In all the times that we have been to CN the water has always been clear, the bottom is just sandy and only one time did we have any seaweed.

    With any beach and living ocean you may find seaweed, fish, crabs, etc. It changes on a daily basis.

    I guess I would ask what time of the year you will be going.

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    Never been to CSA, CN twice (3rd annual trip this New Years!). CN beach is fantastic, very little "foot traffic" between the resorts since there's only a few in the smaller bay. From the sunset catamaran trip, it appeared CSA is on a long beach with a bunch of resorts. Don't know if that's a factor?
    Bottom line - CN as an "aura" about it, people, atmosphere, etc that keeps us from venturing out to other resorts. Maybe next year...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JumpinJen View Post
    I stayed at CSA and did the trading places to CN for a day. For me, CSA's beach is better. There was seaweed at CN and the water was clear but not as clear. The roped off swim area at CSA is much larger and the water gets much deeper.
    We stayed at CN and did the trading places to CSA for a day. For us, CN's beach is better. The beach at CN is deeper, has more shade and no seaweed on the beach or in the water.
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    Haven't been to CSA but we love the beach at CN. It has fine sand, it's deep with lots of trees for shade, the water was clear with a soft sandy bottom, the water was calm and warm and there wasn't a lot of foot traffic. The CN beach is probably one of the nicest beaches we have ever been on.


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    We have been to CN or GLN probably (10) times and the water has NEVER been murky and the sand is not clay like. Someone was not truthful.

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    Oh my gosh- The CN beach is perfection!

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    Ok, well these posts are reassuring. The only reason I keep going back and forth between CN and CSA is the beach and the fact that at CSA you can walk to different things which I love, but the ambiance of CN is more of what I'm looking for. Geez...decisions!

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    Here is a picture of my husband on CN beach. It is the most beautiful beach. We spent all our time there. You will LOVE it!
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    All that talk and we just needed one picture to clear it up. A picture IS worth a thousand words, or opinions.
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    I have some photos from last week. This is after the remants of Ida were still affecting the waves. Even on the wost day, the water was clear... there was a bit of sea grass on two days, but when the storms were gone, so was the sea grass and any choppiness.

    Also, I can attest to the sand being like powder.... It was all through the beach bag when I took it out of the suitcase today

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    Default I am sure....

    I am sure the resort you saw the comments about clay bottom beach is the one way to north on the beach... rhymes with "See you".... If you walk all the way down the beach it is on the far north side of the bay and the beach is not as nice down that is right on the edge of the treelined /marshy area and the beach is harder and more clay like.... NOTHING LIKE THE CN BEACH! very clear, sandy and shallow.... of course any wave action and/or storm kicks up sea weed... but usually only for a a day or 2 when it comes drifting in from deeper waters...

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    Yes Pulphead, you are exactly right in regards to the review. Well I'm glad everyone posted all these responses, I have no worries now =)

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