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    Default CSS questions from a 1st-timer

    We're a 30-ish couple headed to CSS for the 1st time next month, having already had a great time at CN a few years ago. We're supposed to fly into MoBay around 10:30. How likely is it that our room won't be ready when we arrive at CSS? I believe we're going to be in either the A or B building. Does anyone have any strong opinions as to which one is preferable and/or which floor is best? Can we make a specific request as to a room once we arrive at CSS? Can I assume that since all drinks are included, there's no charge to consume anything in the mini-bar? Of all the excursions offered, what's considered a must-do and what's overpriced/overrated? And finally, has anyone tried the golf course? Thanks!

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    Don't know if the room will be ready, but if not "NO PROBLEM MON". Just go and get some lunch or go to the beach until it is ready.

    As far as the minibar goes, it is "all inclusive". I think my husband drank a bottle and a half of rum from the mini bar the week we were there. There is also soda, beer, and bottled water in the fridge. We didn't take to much for excursions, only Dunns River Falls, and the shopping trip. Both of those are included so we did not pay for any of them. We also took the glass bottom boat tour, which is included. Otherwise, we just enjoyed each other on the beach.

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    If you get into MoBay at 10:30, figure an hour to go through immigration and customs, then maybe another half hour to check in at the Couples lounge, register and have a brew or two. At a minimum, it's 1 hour 45 minute drive to CSS (with no stops). This puts you at the resort around 2:00. More than likely, your room will be ready, but if it's not, no big deal, check-in, have lunch and a few drinks.

    We stayed in B block, but honestly, there is not much difference between A and B, they are right next to each other. We requested a room on the second floor, and that's what we got. I'm sure they will honor your request if the room is available. We liked the second floor because it gave us a little better view of the ocean and beach. It was also fun watching the Starlight Gala performers from our balcony.

    The only off-site excursion we did was through Fern Gully. We thought it was worthwhile - it is so beautiful!

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    We had a room at the end of 'A' block and the breakfast noises (dishes, people) woke us up early, we moved to 'B' block and loved the room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drbcwp View Post
    We had a room at the end of 'A' block and the breakfast noises (dishes, people) woke us up early, we moved to 'B' block and loved the room.
    B block is the closest to Pallazina and A block is in front of the main pool.
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    Thanks for the input - sounds like B block, above ground level is what we want. Anyone out there have anything else to add regarding other excursions or the golf course?

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