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    Default Couples..... Delivered above and beyond on their promise!!!!!

    First I want to say that I didn’t come up with this name. David the dive boat Capt. at CTI did. Secondly, I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but I wanted to publicly acknowledge what Couples did and I figured this was a good place. In March of 08, my husband and I were looking forward to our return trip to COR. We were bringing some friends who were 1st timers as well. We were quite excited when we landed in MoBay, but it was short lived. We were met at the lounge by the manager of COR with a letter stating that COR had been shut down by the ministry of health due to an outbreak of the norovirus bug and that we were being moved to another resort. It also stated that we were welcome to rebook our trip at Couples expense, good for a year. We were a bit skeptical, but at that point, really had no options. We were taken to the former Wyndam Rose Hall, which turned out to be a very nice resort. (There were kids there, but since they weren’t mine I was fine with it.) We had a great trip and enjoyed the island as usual. Fast forward 3 months and in the mail one day I received a credit on my credit card statement from Couples. I assumed that Couples had decided to refund our hotel portion instead of letting us rebook. When I called, I was told that we not only got the credit, but that we could still rebook. (This was all in the letter we received, but I had not seen it.) I was also told that our offer had been extended until Nov. 09 since the renovations at CTI were running behind. I was still skeptical, but we rebooked for Nov. 7-14 09. I couldn’t imagine that in this day and time, there was a corporation that was that dedicated to its customer service. Well, we just returned from our return trip and it was wonderful. When we got to CTI, we found that our room was one of the new ones that had just been finished and it was beautiful. (We elected to upgrade to a Jr. Ocean Suite.) Our friend’s room was not ready when we got there so they were upgraded to a 1 bdr. suite. When it was pointed out that there was a funny odor in their room, they were moved with no problem. I just wanted to tell everyone about this wonderful company and publicly thank Couples for a great vacation. So, to Randy and the rest of the Couples corporate crew, thank you very much. It’s nice to know that there are still good companies out there who truly care about their customers. We can’t wait to go back!!!!!

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    I have a similar wonderful story. This took place several years ago right before passports were mandatory. When we got to the airport to leave from our hometown, the airlines would not accept my birth certificate. They said it wasn't valid. It was the same one I had used all my life. Anyway, we lost our flight and CN room. We were so devastated.We had looked forward to this trip for so long. This was our 25th wedding anniversary trip. I wrote a letter to Randymon explaining what had happened and he promptly told the reservation people at CN to call me on my phone at home and tell me that I could pick any week I wanted in the upcoming year for our anniversary trip. Well because of Randy's kindness, we were able to have a trip of a lifetime and we have been back every year since and just recently celebrated our 30th anniversary at CN.

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    Preach ON Sister!!! You can preach to me all day about COR and Couples.

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    That's wonderful, and I agree 100% that Couples truly is customer service oriented!! Way to go Couples!!!!
    Melea & Joseph
    CN - '06, '07, '08
    CSS and CSA - '09
    CSA - '10

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    Awesome! You gotta love that customer service.

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    Couples never ceases to amaze when it comes to customer service. Randy is truly a "lead by example" kind of guy and has surrounded himself with excellent people.
    Last year, we spent 2 weeks at CSA and loved it. My parents were looking to get away for a week in April and I was really nervous about them going. Daddy had just survived a medical ordeal that limited his mobility permanently and I was afraid that even CN would be too much for him. After corresponding with the gm there I was confident they would be looked after and did not need to worry. I wish I had had the same confidence in the airport and airline people. I really didn't worry the whole time they were on property, just the travelling to and from. They had a wonderful time and were treated like King and Queen. The guest relations manager even arranged for some "muscle" to get him on and off the boat for the cat cruise! I would not hesitate to have them go back. Couples went above and beyond yet again!

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    What a great true story. . .I already love Couples, now you've given me an extra reason!

    Nat and Bill
    CSA Nov. 23 - Dec. 2
    Just 2 1/1 more sleeps! Can't wait!

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    Add us to your list of very satisfied return guests. I had an issue over being moved to CSS after CTI was not open last Feb. Long story, but with persistence and Sheri stepping up to help me, Randymon approved our free 2-day voucher for the trip coming in 80 days. There has never been anything that has not been taken care of within time. Oh, and did I mention I am persistent? You could not hope to be surrounded by a better group of people than the staff at Couples. We adore every minute of our trips, which have not stretched out to two full weeks. Ya mon!

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    We had the exact same experience, arrived at Mobay March 1, 2008, we were only the second couple to be told of the closure. I admit that was very angry when told, however, the dear lady (Georgette I think) went out of her way to assure me that all was not lost. As in your case, we were put up at the Wyndham Mobay, we got a refund for the hotel portion and we got to book a replacement vacation. We used ours in October 08 and visited Sans Souci.

    I have never experience customer service as displayed by the Couples Resorts, but most importantly by their entire staff. We've been back to Couples twice this year and will return again in April 2010. Why go anywhere else, Couples is our second home, and we are reminded of that every time we visit with the greeting "Welcome Home".

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    Couples has figured out what many resorts haven't: far better to over deliver than over promise.

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