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    Default Excited..I have to tell someone!!!

    I'm thinking about booking a suprise trip for my husband for February. I don't know how long I can keep it. We have been wanting to go back to CSA since we were married there in Oct 08. We started planning to go this year but I got pregnant, had a miscarriage and had surgery ALL this year. I think we both deserve it. We will be trying to get pregnant next year and I'm just afraid we will never get back after that. I am SUPER excited and not sure if I'm going to tell him for Christmas or wait until I get ready to start packing (IF I can hold it that long)!!!

    How's the weather in Negril in February?

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    tell him now so he doesnt pick the same week to go on that bender to vegas of the week long golfing trip with his buddies

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    I booked a surprise trip for us in February at the end of June and was supposed to wait until Christmas to tell my hubby. I just couldn't keep the secret and told him on our anniversary in September. It is much more fun now that we can be excited together that we are returning to our favourite place. When in February are you thinking of going? We are at CSA from the 11th to the 18th. I think it is going to be wonderful to be at the most romantic spot on earth on Valentine's Day!

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    WOW...what a surprise!! I would bust trying to hold in all that excitement. Good luck!!

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    that is a GREAT idea! Hold in it and surprise him with it. It will be super hard to hold that in but seeing his face when you tell him to start packing will be priceless!

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    That is the best and driest tme of year IMO.Have a GREAT trip,wish I was going!

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    I would tell him on Christmas. Wrap a "plane ticket" in a box and see his surprise. I would make a fake plane ticket and maybe put sand in a box (like tshirt box you get from department stores) with the ticket on top. Or do a little scavenger hunt around your house with clues?? I like stuff like that. But I would tell him sooner, bc if you are like me, I need everything planned (esp. getting time off work) and getting into 'bikini body' mode and packing, etc. But good luck, I would LOVE if my FH would do that for me down the road!!

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    I would do it for Christmas. It is right around the corner, he will be surprised, and then you can be excited together. What an awesome Christmas present that will be.

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    I tried to make our fist trip to Jamaica a surprise too. I booked in July and literally could not get to sleep at night I was so excited. I had grand plans to tell him on Christmas morning but was convinced by several people on another travel website that the anticipation of the trip is just as much fun as the trip itself. I ended up telling him on our anniversary in September and he was blown away. He grew up travelling all over the world as his dad worked for Air Canada and had never been to Jamaica or ever wanted to go there. He was yet another person that had "heard how bad the crime was!" Needless to say, our first trip changed his mind in a hurry and we are counting down to trip#3.
    Don't deny him the joy of looking forward to this wonderful surprise.

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    Wow, I could never keep something like that from my better half. We have been together for 35 years so, ten minutes after I booked the secret trip she would look at me and then ask "What are you up to?"

    We are headed to CSA in April and I have a golf getaway in February that she knows about. I would think making sure the vacation time could be scheduled would be the biggest concerns for springing on him late.

    Sorry to hear of your medical issues, keep the faith, everything happens for a reason. Hope all your plans for next year work out for the best.

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    Our last trip to CTI was in June 09. When we got back home, we knew we wanted to go again in June '10. I booked within a week or so after our return to the states. I know Audra knew I was going to do it, but I was going to play it off for a while and act like I didn't know if we would be able to do it, but knowing I already had us booked. I lasted from Friday when I booked all the way to Sunday afternoon. I am like a dog that wants his belly scratched...just roll right over. Oh well, we love celebrating all the milestones together.....just celebrated under 200 days on our countdown clock!!!!!

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    I think the best part of the trip is the anticipation. TELL HIM NOW!

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    I love the idea of surprising him at Christmas. A big part of the fun is the anticipation! This way you two will have a while to enjoy the thought of going to Couples.

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    I plan on booking this weekend. I don't know how long after that I will be able to keep it to myself. I would like to let him open up a bob marley cd then some plane tickets for Christmas. I've already asked him to take off the days. I was talking about traveling last night and mentioned Jamaica. He said, that would be really nice then asked why I asked him to take off. I told him I wanted to go to the mountains in TN for Valentine's Day but don't know if we can afford it. I told him to keep the days off cause we will go somewhere closer!! Hehe!! I can't wait to see the look on his face when he open that box with the tickets. I THINK I can hold off another month!!! I'll be officially excited once it's if I could only find my passport! lol

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    We were at CSA this past April for our 2nd time, By June I booked another 8 nights for April 2010. I have kept the secret so far. So far are the key words. As I am typing this she is asking, who you writing to........ Not yet, my dear, not yet.

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