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    How many people are allowed on the cruise? We will be at CN from 12/20 - 12/24, but leave on the 24th. We only have one day to take the catamaran cruise (Monday) and we understand we can't reserve it until we arrive at CN. We really want to experience the cruise. Is there a way to ensure we can get on the cruise? Also, does the catamaran have bathrooms? Thanks in advance! Melissa

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    Also, do you know how long the cruise lasts?

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    Not a problem. There is plenty of room on the boat. I don't know how many it holds..probably 50 or so. If you can reserve it a day in advance, you will have no problem. Go to the water sports hut on Sunday, the day you arrive. If you arrive too late on Sunday (the water sports hut closes at 4:00 pm), be there at 9:00 am sharp on Monday. You should have no problem. Even if it's all booked up, just go there at 3:30 and you can take the place of any no-shows, which ussually happens. If that is the only day you can go, they may even make an exception for you since it isn't reserved seating or anything. Yes, there are bathrooms on board. It is a lot of fun! It goes from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm at CN. Here is a picture to help you see how many it holds:

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    Since you have a short trip, when you first check in, go immediately to the sign up desk and sign up. If you arrive after the signup desk closes, go to the Hotel concierge or manager and ask if they assist. Couples is great and they will do what they can to accommodate you. But let them know that the Cat cruse is important to you and with your departure that is the only time that fits. They will try to help you.

    You might even want to try to contact them ahead of time to get you on the list. If you dont get on the list. You can always try standby, show up at the beach and if some other couple doesnt get on you take their spot. but a booked spot is always better than standby..

    One last suggestion. Leave your jewelery in the hotel safe. Dont wear it on the water parts of the trip. Part of the fun of the cruse is you get to (if you want) is to either jump or use the slide off the boat. Picture 60 adults after drinking and dancing, and having a good time, all jumping into the water.

    Unfortunately sometime during the swim, my wife rings (wedding and engagement) slip off her finger, and were lost. She noticed it when we got back to the resort and were getting off the boat. Fortunately we had insurance and it eventually was replaced. But it took the fun out of that day.

    Anyway the cat cruse is a blast. You have a great time, but leave the rings in the safe...

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