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    Default Got my rewards card today???

    Got my rewards card today, now what? Do I show it when we check in? Call my TA so she know?For those of you experienced ones please tell me? Thanks

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    Show it at check in if you want. Also you can pre register for your arrival and choose your gift.

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    Just got mine too! Do I just show this to sign up for trading places?

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    Once you arrive at the resort, you will check in, that is when you present your card. You can also use it to do the pre-check in, if you are a returning guest and picking out your rewards package.

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    just knowing your number is enough. you will need to put the number on the form at check in. i have never been asked for the card.

    we dont need the card it is always on this website:


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    how long did it take to get in? I requested one back in August when we booked our Honeymoon, and still have never received it in the mail =/

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    I just got mine in the mail this week as well.....and it made me homesick

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    It took us 3 emails to the resort before ours finally came...about a year late. All you really need is the number (which we had).
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    it's a good thing you don't actually NEED the card...because my dog ate joke...

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    We applied back in August as well, and I have e-mailed twice and still have not recieved mine either. We leave in 2 weeks for CSS, which I did tell them in the last e-mail. They said they would try and get it to us before we left, but that all we needed was the number.

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    You really don't even need the number! They know if you are a Romance Rewards Member or not. ;-P They can look it up if they really want to. Just thought I would share. We have never brought ours....they have always been more than friendly about it, and been willing to look it up. No Problem MON!!!

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