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    Does anyone know if the piano bar is just a sing along or if it is actually karoke with monitors and all?

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    at CN they have both...sing along with piano player and karaoke nights also with big screen lyrics etc.

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    At SweptAway, there are songbooks. But with an entertainer in the house like Ulti, it doesn't matter.

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    There is also Karaoke night at CSA with the monitor and mike. It is a separate event from the piano bar. So much fun!

    Ultimate Chocolate at the piano bar is a treasure. He knows how to make sure all are having fun and he is so derned talented on that piano.

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    At CN and CSS they have both as activities, our favorite at CN is the piano bar. Paul who play the piano at CN just runs a wonderful piano bar session on the nights he is there, and gets everybody involved.

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