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    Default Best way to book???

    Weve only been to Couples,Negril once,and went through a travel agenct.I am wondering if it is very simple to book right here on this site,or is it best to use the travel agent again?Also,is it cheaper to do it here?Any advice on how to do this would be appreciated greatly.

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    I usually do the research on the different costs for each way of booking. Contact my TA and see what she comes up with. If ours was lowere I let her know and she usually will get real close to it. I like to go through a trusted TA because my husband has health problems, and if any thing comes up she is right there for us. Last year a week before we left we thought he might need oxygen on the plane. I called her, and she had all the info we needed. Thankfully we did not need it, but with our TA I know I always have someone to turn to if we have any problems.

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    It's very simple to book on the site. We always book the Hotel only then shop around for flights. just make sure you get insurance, which ever way you book.

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    Our TA is always lower cost then this site. She is a Couples specialist. We even got a discount on a Wed special. It was nice to have her to call when our flight was canceled last year.

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    Thankyou for your help everyone!!!!

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    We have always used a travel agent, but for our 2010 and 2011 trips, we booked directly with Couples via the 800 number. They will match any match and make sure you get the best deal. Plus, if there is a problem (such as having to get bumped for a resort closure), Couples direct guests get taken care of first, then the travel agents. We had this happen the past two years during the renovations. However, we book our flights ourselves because it's cheaper. Some like a travel agency specifically for flights. It's really whatever you choose, there isn't much difference I don't think.
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