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    Default Premium Beverages

    Good Morning!
    My fiance wants to know what the "Premium" beverages are made with..... He is a big fan of Scotch and Whisky... im a fan of Taquila and Rum.... and Brandy in my coffee.... Can you help us out if you remember?

    Also, what other types of beverages do they offer?

    Thanks so much!

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    We went to CSA last November and as far as I can remember (but I may not be 100% accurate)

    Whiskey/Bourbon: Walker Black/Red, Jack black label, Jim Beam, and I may have seen Wild Turkey

    Rum: Appleton light/dark and Appleton Estate

    Tequilla: Cuervo and possibly Sauza

    Vodka: Absolut was at almost every bar and Goose is at the martini bas at CSA

    Cognac: Hennessy, Courvoisier

    Gin: Tanqueray

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    There is a wide assortment of premium "top shelf" adult beverage choices at Couples bars, so I'm sure you'll both find your favorite one. Enjoy !

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    Default Single malt Scotch?

    Anyone know? I'm partial to Glenlivet or The Maccallan, but any single malt is fine.
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    All the liquors are top shelf, and will knock your socks off, if your not careful. We had friends keep asking for an extra shot on top because they thought it was watered down, needless to say, he doesn't remember much about the rest of that day!!!

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