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    Default Great driver in Negril: Call Sarge!!

    Hi - we lucked into finding Sarge here at our stay at CSA this week. He's approved by the hotel (in fact, one of the security guards hooked us up). We did the Negril tour with him and it was not only less $$ but more personal since it was just my husband and I and we could say where we wanted to go and how long to stay there.

    It's been my experience that in Jamaica it's much better to have a driver than to try to get around yourself, and if you can use the same driver all week it's really fabulous.

    So give Sarge a call at 1-876-700-3567 or you can text him. He has email but we didn't try that:



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    Great tip.
    Irie Mon

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    Is he really approved by the hotel?, because the security guards are not Couples employees.

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    Thank you! We were going to ask Franklin or Herbert at CN to recommend a driver for us in 3 weeks. We'll still ask but appreciate the tip. I'm sure we'll be using Sarge

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    Even though the referral came through an unauthorized source, Sarge is one of the drivers sanctioned by the resorts.

    Couples Resorts

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    Thanks for chiming in on this one, Randymon!
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