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    Hi all,

    We booked a Penthouse Suite for next Dec and the web site says they are in D,E, and C Block. I have read lots of posts about the ones in D&E, but nothing about C Block. Have you stayed in a Penthouse in C Block? What did you think? Would you recommend C Block? I would love to see some pictures.

    Thx, Jen

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    Thought I'd try again. Anyone?

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    I don't think there are Penthouses in the C block, but I'm not sure. There are some in the F and G block, which weren't on your list, but I don't think there are any in C.

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    We are at CSS now, and although we are not staying in a penthouse suite, we have walked past C block numerous times, and wondered aloud where in the world the penthouse suite is?! C block is the only building that (in our opinions) has a crappy ocean view, surrounded by trees, almost hidden! And there are no balconies that we can see from either side. You might inquire with the hotel about the specifics of that suite. The ones in D and E blocks look to be great views so you can't go wrong with those ones. We just think that C block is the worst building and would definitely never want to stay there. We're staying in G block and we love it! Hope that helps!

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    It does! Thanks! I have been wondering if there are balconies in C block. The web site says penthouses are in C,D, and E. It also says all penthouses have large balconies. Hmmm

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    I did not stay in the penthouse in c block, some friends stayed there. Ther is 2 bedrooms each with a bathroom. A large living room and balcony. The view is ok from the balcony, it overlooks the beach area. I would not use the second bedroom but some couples do and seep in separate rooms

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    I would do for Block D if it were me. I love the location of that building. Here's a pic of it from the beach:
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    There are no Penthouse Suites in C Block. It might be the fact that there are no balconies in any of the rooms in C block.
    Rooms are very nice in C block and C block is very central to the resort It is just one staircase to the beach!

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    There ARE Penthouses in C Block We had one - it was a large 2-bedroom, (Pavarotti suite) looked like it was once an apartment. Very nicely decorated, and a decent view. Even has a kitchen area with a large fridge. However, it was right next to the restaurant, and there was a lot of early morning noise, so we moved to a penthouse suite in D Block. The one in D was comparable in size and had a breathtaking view of the water.

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