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    Default December '09 Canadians?

    Hi, we're from Montreal (Quebec) & this will be our first trip to Jamaica together & first stay @ Couples! We'll be there Dec 18-25th (Yay for 1 full week of no snow/blizzards/ice-storms/hell-freezing-over!!!).

    Any Canadians headed in the same direction around the same time as us?

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    were not Canadian... but we'll sure have a drink with you besides, we always have so much fun with the canadians, eh. (and the brits!)

    besides, Canada is my favorite state in the union!

    LOL we wil be there 18th-28th

    -The Captain

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    Charmo - Good to know that we're not the only ones trying to escape the cold north weather! It's a pleasure to meet you (online) and ahh yes.. Quebec city *sigh* beaaaauuutiful in the summer! I had amazing rabbit there once Hmmm... As for the English/French debate, we're bilingual but more leaning towards English. Quand je parle en francais, j'ai l'accent quebecois mais je d'l'misere avec les mots defois!

    The Captain -
    Looking forward to drinking you with and everyone else for that matter LOL (There's no discrimination when it comes to alcohol)

    30 days left!!!!

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    We're not from Canada, but we do live in Minnesota. That's pretty close right? We will be there around the same time as you neighbors from the north. See you at the bar probably. 6 days left for us!!!

    Mark and Jess

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    Mark and Jess - Wooo! Single digit countdown! See you there soon! Can't wait for sunshine (we're currently having our first snow storm of the year.. boo)!!!

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