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    I thinking of honeymooning in Tower Isle Jamaica but am worried it is a hedonism type resort and some of us Brits aren't really into that. Can anyone help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by English16 View Post
    I thinking of honeymooning in Tower Isle Jamaica but am worried it is a hedonism type resort and some of us Brits aren't really into that. Can anyone help?
    It's not that at all! We just got back from our honeymoon at CTI last weekend. The AN experience on the island is very laid back and isolated by water from the rest of the resort. No one gawks and you can sunbath on one end of the island in relative privacy if you wish.

    Of course, there is much more to CTI than the AN part, and most guests don't even go over there. So relax and enjoy your time at CTI. We certainly did, and we can't wait to get back. Now we know why everyone says, "once you go, you know!"
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    None of the Couple's resorts are the "H" type. The only PDA you would see is what you would see in any public place. The AN areas are just a relaxing area to be "free" from the constrictions of clothing. There really is not any sexual tension there, no one is doing anything you might find at "H" other than drinking and having a good time.

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    Absolutely not! You may get some upset people responding. Couples has a lot of Brits visiting these days (we're ex pats). It's called Couples for a reason and not Hedo. Everyone comes with their partner stays and leaves with their partner. We had a group of around 10-12 Brits in the piano bar one night last month, we had a blast. You can stay to yourselves or make as many friends as you want by socializing. Go to CTI you will not be sorry, it's a fantastic resort and the staff are really great.

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    CTI and all Couples resorts are as far apart from Hedo as you can imagine...not even close!! Although 3 of the 4 resorts do offer AN, there is NOTHING sexual about it. Couples is a very classy upstanding resort, you will be happy that you chose Couples!!!

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    CTI is not a hedonism type resort. For those that want to get the all-over tan you have to take a boat over to Tower Isle. Unless you go there you won't find people walking around without the fig leaf...or some other form of textile covering.

    Enjoy your honeymoon at CTI,
    Bart & Bug
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    There is no reason to be concerned. Couples is about romance and relaxation, not wild partying. Behavior like you would find at the H resorts would NEVER be tolerated at CTI.

    If public nudity offends you, you can avoid it by not going out to the island, but even there you would never see H resort like behavior, just people hanging out without and clothes on. Its simply not that kind of place.

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    Couples Tower Isle is FAR from being a Hedonism resort. At Tower Isle they have a dedicated island for those who enjoy au natural sunbathing and I sincerely doubt they will bother you.

    Relax and put your worries away.

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    Like the others have said, it's not like that at all! We honeymooned at CTI in 2002 and had the same thought as you. We had never heard of Couples, let alone an adults-only, couples resort. But no worries, mon! It's a wonderful resort and is nothing like what you're thinking. In fact, CTI is so good, after our honeymoon, we got hooked and have returned every year since and now have about 10 other couples that we've helped turn into repeaters. If you are ever there in April, drinks are on us

    Have a great honeymoon!
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