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    My husband and I will be heading to CN in January and my husband is a die hard football fan. Our team is actually doing well this year so there is a chance they could be playing the Sunday that we are there. Do they have TV's around that will show the football games?

    Is there a shuttle that takes us to Margaritaville from CN and also to Rick's cafe?

    Lastly, how much money should we expect to pay for extra things during our week? We've never done an all-inclusive so we aren't sure how much extra to bring for night snorkeling, margaritaville, rick's cafe, and gifts to take home. Any suggestions?

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    My husband is also a die hard football fan. You will be able to watch all your favorite games but only in your room or in the game room.

    I can't help you with the off site excursions. We never want to leave the resort except for the Catamaran cruise. You absolutely do not need to take a lot of money though. It really is All Inclusive.

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    The shuttle to Rick's Cafe is $15 per person when arranged by the resort. It leaves about 4:00 pm and returns about 7:00 pm after the sunset.
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    there is a big screen tv in the sports bar that has most of the big games on it...we check back and forth and get some a while if its close...but its hard to stay off of the beach when at CN. no worries

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    It depends on who your team is, the games shown might be regional games and their tv channels are satellite and might show west coast games. Not sure if you were talking about college or pro. I cannot remember which Espn they have at CN, sometimes the resorts have the latin america ESPN and they show a lot of soccer games

    You really do not need to take a lot of cash, we only take 1's and 5's for tipping, everyone takes credit cards except for vendors on the beach. Even the jet ski guys take credit cards. Snorkeling is included but night snorkeling is extra and you used to be able to pay for that through the concierge.

    Margaritaville is in my opinion a rip-off, expensive drinks and a tourist trap, Rick's is worth a trip, the cab fares are negotiable and you can save $$ if someone goes with you, the cabbie will stay there and wait on you. Last time the guy charged us $30 rt for (4) people. they have music, cliff diving and a beautiful sunset

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    We always take around $300.00. Mostly $10's $5's and $1's. We never spend it all, but it is nice to have if needed.

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    Thanks everyone for the responses! We are from Cincinnati and the Bengals are actually doing well this season so we can only hope to be able to view the game.

    My husband is a huge fan of Buffett so I'm sure he will want to go to Margaritaville and Rick's cafe looks BEAUTIFUL!

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    Don't know why my last post isn't showing...but WHO-DEY!!! We are about 5 minutes from Cincinnati, and we are faithful Bengals fans....even when they are stinky LOL

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