We will be coming to Jamaica and CTI for the first time in early December. Recently, I had the opportunity to see an image of the CTI area coastline and near shore waters on Google Earth. An outer reef trend is clearly evident on the image, extending both east and west along an arc outboard of the island. Seeing the length of this reef trend and the size of the enclosed embayment where Couples CTI resides, I am prompted to ask this question: Do the snorkel trips from CTI all go to the same location (I read somewhere on the message board about a snorkel spot that coincided with the catamaran cruise destination)? Or do the snorkel trips go to different locations along the reef trend during the course of a week? In other words, if I went to on several snorkel trips across several days, might I see different locales?

I’m under the impression that the snorkel trips may last about two hours. Is that about right? How much time might we expect to spend in the water? Does anybody have any other tips or comments about snorkeling at CTI?