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    Default What's The Difference Between a Friend & a Contact???

    What is the difference between a "Friend" & a "Contact"? When someone requests to be your friend, it has an area to put their name & click on one or the other. It's above the area where you either choose to have them as a friend or deny their request & save the change. Also, what does "avator" (or something like that) mean??? There's a box on that same screen with that checked.

    Sorry to be so ignorant & confused about all this but I'm normally not into message boards, etc. (other than this one) so don't know much about them & am trying to figure all this out. I've read the FAQ's but didn't see much on this. Thanks for any help.

    I just don't want to be rude to someone wanting to be my friend just because I can't figure out how to reply correctly.

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    Default Anybody?????

    Anybody??? Any idea what I'm talking about???

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    I find the friend feature to be an awkward tool.

    Will people be hurt if you don't accept?

    Are you not liked because you have few friends listed?

    It is possible to have so many friends listed that it adds pages and pages to the program for useless information.

    You're not being ignorant nor even confused. IMHO it is a poor program feature.

    Many of us who are friends find the ways to keep in contact. There are various programs that allow us to conference chat and PM back and forth.

    I wouldn't feel that you are being rude if this is a feature you simply do not desire to use. Perhaps this is a feature that needs an ON or OFF selection for participation.

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    A friend is a person you enjoy being with.

    A contact will help you SEE the friend.

    (Other than that, I have many contacts who are NOT friends. I suspect there is or will be a way to "pull up threads" of JUST friends OR contacts.) (Just guessing)

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