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    Default Feb CN Travelers??

    Hi all! We are heading to CN Feb 6-13th! First timers and sooo incredibly excited!! Any advice for our 1st CN visit?? Anyone traveling at this time as well??! Would LOVE to meet you!!!

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    How about those Hawks!

    I'll tell you another thing you will luv...Couples Negril!!

    We are going in January, so we will miss you.

    Advice...just go and enjoy!
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    We will be there from February 8-12. Hubby's birthday is the 11th. First time to CN, but we have been to the other 3. Hope to see you there. We are about ready to start counting down.

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    Default Yep!

    Going down 2/5-2/14... My 5th time down.... wouldn't miss it... Even though I did get divorced this past year (life happens), i have found someone special to share the CN experience with.
    We are in our 30's and from WI (flying out out of Chicago). Prob won't see us to much on the textile beach since we will spend most of our time relaxing on the nude beach... Knowing the size of the resort there is still a good chance we may bump into you? R U beach, pool or pool bar people?
    Hollar back if you would like...

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