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    Default Possible Mission Trip

    Our church is considering a mission trip for 2010 and Jamaica has come up as a possible destination. I was wondering if anyone had been on a mission trip to Jamaica and what your experience was like. I was also wondering what the needs are. We would like to do some construction work and probably Vacation Bible Schools.

    If Randymon or any of the staff have any thoughts I would appreciate their comments also.

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    Our friends just got back from a mission trip to Jamaica in July. My friend, Eric, did a lot of construction work and said he was really hurting--he's in his mid 50's.

    From what they told us it was not like a fun vacation trip at all. A lot of hard work and that's about it. I'm not sure if they liked it very much, but I guess that's not what its all about when you volunteer to help out.

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    It's a wonderful thing to do- it's not supposed to be a fun vacation trip- the FUN comes from giving to those who need your help- and opening your hearts, especially to children.

    Definitely check with
    this organization- ask for Marcia Burke. She is very involved with the schools in Jamaica. I know people who built doors and windows on schools and similar things. It's the MOST rewarding thing you can do. So many people worry about a Hurricane ruining their vacations, not realizing how they can devastate people's homes and other necessary structures.
    Friends of Jamaica, USA in Loves Park, IL

    or this group in Minnesota
    Mission Jamaica
    contact Lori Goble 651-762-9163

    Also the ISSA Foundation founded by Couples, may be able to offer some guidance.

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    WandA: Just saw your response. Thanks for the information. We have contacted a group that has a local represenative so we will probably go with them but I am going to check your suggestions out. You are right about the reason to do a trip, to help others. There is a lot of need in Jamacia and I hope and pray that our church is able to go and do some good.

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    Default Kycouple Mission Trip


    Thanks for your interest in a mission trip to Jamaica. Please feel free to email me your contact information to, and I can share information. Thanks!

    Diane Pollard, Vice President
    Issa Trust Foundation

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