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    Default Montego Bay Airport

    Just wondering if anyone else has heard about the labour strike at the airport. It looks like some of the flights are being diverted to the Kingston Airport. How far is Kingston from Negril, just wondering in cases our flight is also diverted on Friday.

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    I hope they settle because that would be a HUGE mess flying to/from Kingston instead of Mobay.

    We were in San Juan once during an airport strike, not pleasant. We had to walk about a mile w/ our overpacked luggage because the cab drivers would not go into the airport.

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    Default Mo Bay

    We just retutned yesterday and everything was fine at the airport.

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    Looks like the strike started on Friday, but6 that the airport is still operating. Heres a link to the story..

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    They (CSA) told us as we were boarding the goodbye bus that there was a strike at the airport and no planes were flying in or out of MBJ when we left on Friday. Unfortunately, the airport was operating and our flight left on time. I was hoping for a nice long strike so I could be 'stranded' in Jamaica just a little while longer.

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    That brings back memories from a few years back. The air traffic controllers went on strike when we were trying to fly into Montego Bay. After which seemed like forever, our pilot who said he was running out of fuel, decided to land the plane anyway. That was pretty scary, but our plane brought in the only passengers until later that night. There were no lines at all!

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    Default Montego Bay Airport

    I googled the story and found that the strike ended on Friday night. No worries, I hope!

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