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    Hi all. I have a friend who went to Jamaica for her wedding but went to a different resort in the ocho rios area. She said the bugs were BAD! I am wondering how they are in Negril. Specifically CSA. We are going to be there for Christmas/New Years this year.

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    Hi Jmca, We were with two other couples at CSA the second week of December last year. None of us had any issues with bugs of any kind. If you're that concerned about bugs then bring an environmentally friendly pump spray bottle with you. Pack it inside your checked luggage. Anything purchased at the resort will be much more expensive than at home. Enjoy your time in paradise and drink a few Hummingbirds for me!

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    We were at CSA in June, and the only thing that we noticed were some ants on our balcony, but they were not bothersome at all.

    And Couples does provide a can of insect repellent in the room in case it is needed (at least there was one in our room BFVS this past June).

    I wouldn’t worry about it at all. Go, relax, and enjoy!

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    We were there 2 weeks ago. I went to WallyWorld Sporting Goods/Camping dept. and bought 100% DEET in a travel size. We put it on our legs and arms after our shower for our evening stroll around the grounds and we were fine. Didn't notice any bites during the day, despite only wearing sunscreen and salt water.

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    My wedding was at sunset and did the private dinner on the beach (1st week November). I did not notice any bugs. Did not even bring bug spray. Enjoy!

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    Stayed at CSA in Sept. and didn't have much of a bug problem. There was bug spray in our room and we had a plain ole' verandah (which was just as nice by the way). We went off the resort to visit friends and the bugs were really bad on their beach. Not sure what CSA does to treat this but this was a big difference. Enjoy!

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    We always take a travel size bugspray to CSA and never use it. Better safe than sorry.
    There is no unhappiness like the misery of sighting land (and work) again after a cheerful, careless voyage ~Mark Twain

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    Hello! We will also be at CSA for NYE. We were married at CSA last December and while during the day no one ever got a bite. Night time we got eaten alive. The weird thing is that unlike mosquitoes you don't feel that you are getting bit you wake up the next day with the bites. They are sand fleas and if you plan on walking near the beach after dark wear a deet spray and you will be fine. See you at CSA!

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    We were at CSA in June, 09, and the there were a lot people that were struggling with bug bites. The issue was sand fleas that only come out at about sunset and are a problem at night. We brought Off and I sprayed my legs and arms before walking about in the evening and I had no problem.

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    You guys should see my ankles. Im not sure what type of bugs/mosquitos/fleas that were in CSA, but they sure love my ankles. Everytime I woke up, I had a new bug bite.

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    Thanks for the info. I will be sure to bring some bug stuff just in case then!

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    We returned from CSA yesterday, and although I bought Deet, I used it once the first night. My boyfriend did not use it at all. Anyway, I never used it again and was not bitten, but I did see people who had bites on them.

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    Several years ago they would fog for mosquitoes. At that time, Feathers was located over in the sports complex and was an open-air restaurant. We would always schedule our dinner AFTER the fogging took place. More than likely they are still trying to control the mosquitoes. We take Deep Woods Off as well as Avon's Skin-so-soft. Haven't had any problems with this arsenal.

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    Well, the sand fleas love me and after 3 years of horrible bites on my legs (I'm sure you saw them if we were there at the same time, not hard to miss me aack) I am taking all precautions this year. I hardly ever hear of anyone getting bit as bad as I have but I have to do something to try to stop it. I read a lot about sand fleas and they are not only out at dusk or early morning, they are always around just worse at those times. Anyway, my plan is to bring a variety of bug sprays, tea tree oil, anti histamines, etc. This WILL be the first year I don't come back with huge purple welts on my legs LOL

    Can I hear a yea mon?

    As for bugs, the occasional little thing in the bathroom but other than that nope.

    Countdown to CSA: only 23 days!

    Kevin & Angie

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