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    Default How's the beach at CSA?

    How is the condition of the beach at CSA for those of you who have been recently? When we were there last December, the beach had been eroded quite a bit by the first beach bar, enough so that it was hard to sit in that particular area -- one of our favorite spots. We will be returning in 13 days for our fifth trip and was wondering if "our" spot had regenerated. Any pics out there?

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    Three or so winters ago, there was quite a storm that caused quite a bit of erosion in this area. Happy to say that the beach has regenerated itself in the beach bar area.

    This happens from time to time. But fear not... the ocean giveth, and the ocean taketh away... and then it giveth again.


    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    We were in Negril in Nov. 2007 and when we hit the beach 2 weeks ago at CSA we couldn't believe how much sand there is now. The tree with the Barry's Bar sign used to be in the water and is no where near it now! Lots of soft sand!!!

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    This is what I like to hear:-)

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    the beach was fine in October.


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    Was just there in September and everything was perfect. No worries Mon! I have some great pictures in this area but I am having problems cropping them to the appropriate size for posting. If you email me, i would be happy to send them to you.

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    Beach is great.......
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    there was so much beach when we got here, we too noticed how the sand went passed the barrys sign, that has since changed, the two days of rain and rough seas, the beach is more than half the size. The weather is sunny, and beach is calming down slowly, but we still had 2 red flag days after the two days of rain.

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    apurposefullife -- just sent you an e-mail so that you can send me your pics. Thanks for your help. Brittenyaaron -- hope that the beach comes back as fast as it seemed to have gone out while you were there. Matrigail -- thanks for sharing your pic! CSA bound in 11 days!! Thank you all for your replies -- this message board is a fabulous resource.

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    Default It's fine.

    We came back yesterday. There had been some rough weather for a few days at the beginning of last week that took a small amount of beach from the old section, but it was already returning when we left. Actually because of a threat of rain on Friday (that never happened) and the fact that there was a small loss of beach, they held the beach party inside. Most of it should be back by now. The new section's beach was fairly deep.

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    Funny story, I was there 3 weeks ago & one morning...we were going to breakfast. We passed that bar & we heard this lady screaming & moaning her heart out! I was like, "hell yea for morning $ex!" Then, the next morning..same thing. I LoL'd.

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