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    Default Juice and veggie bar

    We are going to CTI in Feb. and I am finding myself obsessed with the MB and website! Gets me through the waiting. I sometimes think the anticipation is one of the best things about vaca!

    Anyway, today I was looking at the picture of the juice and veggie bar and it looked like there were blenders for smoothies. Is that right? I could get a smoothie in the morning or whenever? What else is at a "veggie bar"? I did see the sample menu, I'm just curious.


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    They make smoothies at breakfast. when the veggie bar is open you can get them there. the plantain chips with the dip is also great.

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    Thanks for that update dandj. As much as we're looking forward to the mixed drinks and brewskis during our stay, I love a good smoothie, so it's nice to know I can get one at breakfast as well.

    And MNJenRN, I too am eagerly anticipating hitting up the veggie bar. In fact, I wouldn't be a bit surprised that, depending on what point in the day we arrive at CTI, the veggie bar is the first spot we visit for a bite to eat.

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