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    My husband and I are leaving our 15 month old daughter while we head to couples and was wondering if anyone uses skype on there personal laptops in there rooms to stay connected with there kids or family when there away on vacation. Were staying in a beach front room, will we get wireless in those?

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    i would say it depends on which resort and where your room is located.
    we just came back from cti and skyped from our balcony (premier ocean view main building)
    if you can get a signal from your room/balcony then you won't have to go one of the wifi areas.
    our 1st night we skyped from the main lobby until we found we could go on the balcony.
    the bars also had wifi where we saw people on laptops.

    hope this helps.

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    We also are wondering about Skype. We just purchased a laptop and aren't very familiar with it. We are heading to CTI in December and want to keep in touch with our two young children. My mom, who is watching them, does not have internet, so we'd have to call her landline. Does anyone know how much it costs to call landlines through Skype? I know it's free to do Skype to Skype, but I heard there was a fee to call landlines and cell phones.

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    It all depends on if you can get wifi from your room. I would love to see couples add wifi or wired net connections to every room. Or at least allow you to book a wifi enabled room.

    Hint: I will pay extra for this

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    Im staying at CSA in the beach front suite. Im bringing it and hoping to get wireless in my room but if not Ill go to the lobby to make contact with my mom and daughter there the 2 times a day that I need to get in touch with them. THanks for the replys

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    I've used Skype to call mainland land lines from CSA, costs about 3 cents per minute.

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