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    Default Waterski still available ?

    We've been to CN in 2005 and 2006 and enjoyed waterskiing. We plan to go to CN or CSS again in May 2010. Is waterski still available and included? We cannot find it on Couples website under activities. RANDYMON please clearify.

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    I enjoy waterskiing at CN as well as recently as August 2009. Will do so again in a few weeks

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    yeah, they still and probably always will have waterskiing at all the couples resorts... CN, tho, will not let you waterski naked, so we will be going back to COR/CTI

    -The Captain (of the International Naked Water Skiing Team)

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    Thanks, Captain, for the advise. May be we should come to CTI.

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    Does CN have like a boogie board for waterskiing?

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