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    Default Be on the lookout

    Would you buy anything from this couple? Please be advised that thees two "merrymakers" will be at a remote Caribbean resort. Known only to them and a few thousand others. They will arrive Nov. 12 and will leave on the 24. WARNING These two have been known to completely disrobe in front of complete strangers. Imagine such a thing.

    Approach the crafty couple with extreme caution. They have been observed laughing and carrying on with others who seem to share their exuberant lifestyle. Shameful. I tell you it is shameful.

    This may be your only early warning advisory. If you make contact while at the same resort,.......Well, I can't even think about that right now. But these two seniors will give you a run for your money.

    Peace Love Respece


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    We'll be at cti on the 11th of Nov... we'll see you there!

    It's my first time to Jamaica and my girls second, she came to Couples Ocho Rios 5 years ago, so she's really interested in seeing the upgrades!

    It will be both of our first times to do AN. Be gentle!

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    I promise. It won't hurt a bit.

    Welcome to the family.

    See you on the island.


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    I haven't decided if I'm going to pack my kilt or not. Could wear it to Tower Isle, it's easy to take off.

    18 days.... I can't wait! Snow is already threatening here in Wisconsin!

    Adam and Trish

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    Richie ~ Scott & I look forward to experiencing the 'merrymakers'. We will be waiting for you on the Island. We arrive on the 7th. 13 days to go!
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    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Crabracer Richie!

    Great introduction! LOVED IT!!! Wish we could have had a chance to meet you! We will be at CTI Dec. 9 - 13!
    Love life and ENJOY!!

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    We are ready to go now! But we have another week to wait. See everyone on the 12th! Not sure if they have Crown there but it may take a full bottle to get the wife to the island. Ha!

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    LOL, we can belly up to the bar for some courage shots for the girls!

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    C and A We arrive on the 12 as well. Around noon time. Where are coming from and what time do you get in?
    Hope to see both of you at the Couples lounge.


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    Trish and I arrive on the 11th at 2pm... we'll already be at home when you get here!

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    Our flight gets to mb at 2:03pm. We are flying out of Memphis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C and A View Post
    Our flight gets to mb at 2:03pm. We are flying out of Memphis.
    Great, we can start the hold'em on the plane! As posted in the casino night thread, I found room for chips and cards!

    edit: Dang.. no hold'em on the plane.. we are a day ahead of you.
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    Richie that's holarious and I cant wait to get there and join the "merrymaker's"!!!!!!!

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