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    Default 2 questions about CN

    We are leaving in 10 days for Couples Negril!! Our first trip to Jamaica and Couples as well.
    While there, we want to do the Catamaran cruise and are wondering what exactly it is like. Is there snorkling during the cruise or is it a booze cruise?
    Also, we love to snorkle and are wondering if there is any opportunity to snorkle right off the resort. We bring our own gear and plan to do the guided trips but would like to go out for short swims on our own if we can. Is there anything to see not far from the beach?

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    the cat cruise is more of a sightseeing booze cruise. They do stop for swimming. I guess you could snorkel but you are not going to see much.

    You can snorkel from the CN beach but you will only see a few fish or maybe a ray.

    they have included snorkel trips to the reef

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    Thanks! Exactly the info I was looking for.

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    Hiya BC***** Fred here AD!!!
    If you walk all the way around the horn to the very end of the beach the the farthest R place there is some good snorkeling there!
    Remember the beach is free for all so you do have access!!! Ive been to Bloody Bay like 6 times and finally discovered this!!!
    Walk all the way to the fence at the beach!!!
    You can also take a kayak to the island that is around the point to the left and land the boat and snorkel there!!!!!!

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    We did both the day snorkeling as well as the night snorkeling (extra $) at CN in October. Fantastic, we had a great time everytime we went out.

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    Hey BC,
    Sounds like we have a bit in common... going to CN same day, first time Jamaica & Couples, Canadian, the snorkeling interest. Does your flight take off at 9:15am?
    I read somewhere the snorkeling just off the CO section of GLN isn't bad but Fred's kayak/island suggestion above sounds more promising.

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    FW, we fly out of T.O. at 6:45 a.m.
    We're looking forward to the night snorkeling, it sounds intriguing. I'm not sure if we're up to a long kayak paddle or not, we'll see how much we've had to drink. I still can't picture my wife paddling a kayak but she's surprised me before.

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