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    Default Negril scuba dive sites

    Here are a few of the dive sites in Negril so that you will have some idea of where you might go.

    Fish Pond - 30+ft/10+m
    This site provides many opportunities for beginners and advanced divers to take a look around. If you're looking for seahorses, this is a good spot to start. This reef is speckled with Lettuce Sea Slugs, and many other small marine life, bringing in some good size Mackeral and Jacks for feedings.

    Fanta-Sea - 30ft/10m
    Stay on top of the reef and check out all of the little nooks and crannies where you can find all sorts of interesting little creatures. You can also drop down off the edge to a sandy bottom and look for eels, and crabs hiding in the reef.

    The Hunt - 45ft/14m
    Drop down onto this patchy reef dancing across the sand. Check in all of the holes and hiding places in search of Nurse Sharks, Turtles, and Snapper. This is a good site to see Spanish Mackeral darting to the surface for prey.

    Arches - 45ft/14m
    Located about 6 minutes from shore, this breath taking reef is named after a set of natural arches and caverns. Look in the sand for yellow headed jawfish and garden eels, while Morays and lobsters frequent the swim-throughs.

    Shallow Plane - 55ft/17m
    A Cessna 152 Airplane resting next to a beautifully overhanging reef. Look for Queen Angelfish, Spotted Drum Fish, and the occasional dolphin at this site.

    Golden Gates - 60ft/18m
    This reef is brilliant although rarely visited due to its vicinity to a fresh water shed. This reef rises up from the sand to provide many areas for creatures to hide out. Crabs, Octopus, Green Moray, Eagle Rays, amongst others have been seen here. Visibility is poor at this site during the rainy season, due to river run off.

    Shark's Reef - 60ft/18m
    This majestic reef provides large overhangs, making holes where you find nurse sharks hanging out during the day. Brilliantly colored, the coral juts up from the sand, looming over divers, providing opportunities for some amazing memories.

    Throne Room - 65ft/19m
    Descend through a crack in the reef to enter this magnificent cave. Brightly colored Tube Sponges spackle the walls where Banded Coral shrimp seek refuge. Turtles frequent the area, along with the seasonally curious Dolphin.

    King Fish Point - 70+ft/21+m
    Beginning around 70ft/21m this site quickly drops off to 130+ft/40+m. If you like it big, don't let this site get past you. Large Snapper and Parrot Fish frequent the area, and the gorgonians and sponges are worth checking out as well.

    Deep Plane - 90ft/27m
    This is where our Divemasters love to hang. Frequented by turtles, Barracuda, Spade Fish, and the territorial Ocean Trigger Fish. Drift along the outer edge before the Caribbean drops off to the deep.

    Tug Boat - 90ft/27m
    This wreck was sunk in 1993 to provide the sealife with an artificial reef. Settled on a sandy patch, the reef in this area is worth checking out as well. Look for Barracuda, Scrawled File Fish, and the occasional Eagle Ray passing through the area.

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    Do you know if CN dive masters will go to each of these sites or if some of them we will need to find an off site dive shop? If so, which ones. We plan to dive every day while we are there in December and I will be bringing along the dive camera hoping to get some great pics!

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    If you have enough advanced divers during the week the Divemasters will plan separate advanced dives. The regular dives go a max of 70 feet in the morning and 50 in the afternoon. CN and CSW work toghether to accomadate their divers. They both have awesome crews.

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    Nice Post, wonder if someone has this info for CTI?

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    No, I do not, but when at CSS last year, one great dive was on a ship wreck in front of CSS. Think both resorts dive on the same locations. The water is a little cooler on the North shore so do not forget your 3mm dive suite.

    Have fun

    We have 7 more sleeps to go.

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    Here are all teh sites I have collected over the years from CN
    Shark Reef
    Snapper drop
    The Gallery
    Turtle Reef
    Shallow Plane
    The Valley
    Fantasy Reef
    Island Reef
    Rock Reef
    Frenchman's Point
    The Aquarium
    Rock Point
    The Falls
    The Hunt
    Shy's drop off
    Sheila's reef
    Anthony's dream
    Kingfish point
    and Tugboat

    Ballard's reef
    Nick's reef
    Deep Plane
    Throne room
    Chinese reef
    Cannot cove
    Blue Alley
    Sand's Club
    Joe's reef

    And on the last trip they added a couple of new site.
    They call one Red Stripe and the other was Mystery. Not sure if they were being funny with the Mystery or what but they were great dives.

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