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    Default Mento Band & Bob Marley Tunes

    Hey all!!
    Booking the mento band for a 2 hour reception in June. Does anyone know if they can perform Bob Marley... waiting in vain, could you be loved, is this love, no woman-no cry????? Some of our favorite Tunes!!

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    I would send the this question to your wedding coordinator , they can answer and arrange this if possible.
    Irie Mon

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    If you are referring to the Mento Band which has performed for years at CN, the answer is a definite yes. BB and the guys are well versed in Bob Marley tunes. Great idea for a reception.

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    The Sunshine Mento Band ( usually at CSA ) said they
    didn't know Waiting in Vain so I sang them a few bars and they played the whole song for me....

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