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    Default Stopping in Kingston for layover

    Has anyone ever done this from Miami to get to montego bay sooner on air jamaica?

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    Yes. We used to do it all the time until Air Jamaica canceled their service from Miami. It was a 7:05am flight to Kingston, a 25 minute layover, and then a 20 minute flight Montego Bay. We were on the beach at CSA by 10am.
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    Theres no way a stop in Kingston is going to get you to Montego Bay sooner. The flight time from Miami to Mobay is already less than an 1 hr 1/2.

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    My brother and sister-in-law are doing this in 11 days. They are flying out of Fort Lauderdale with a layover in Kingston and still arriving in Montego Bay at 10:30 AM with Air Jamaica. We arrive from Charlotte at 10:54 and will meet up at Couples airport lounge (provided both flights are are on time) and still have a full day at CSA. What a way to not spend your first day of vacation on travelling.

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    We have done it and it works well so long as no flight delays!

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    Yes, we have done this before although we flew out of Ft Lauderdale, not Miami. The layover was only about 30 minutes and we didn't even have to get off the plane.

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    Any time you add a layover to a flight plan, especially one that's pretty short, you're adding to your chances of delays and lost luggage. Take the direct flight from MIA or FLL to Montego Bay

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    Thanks for your replies!!! I just want to be there as soon as possible.

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    We are taking the Fort Lauderdale to MJB via Kingston as well since it was the best option to get in early. Since you don't change planes the chance of losing luggage in Kingston seem to be remote, I hope!

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