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    Default Finally booked!!!

    Today is our 4 year anniversary and we booked our return trip to Jamaica for our 5 year next June!! We went to CSA the first time, but decided to switch to CSS this time. I am nervous to try a new resort but it is Jamaica so how can I be unhappy!! I can't wait!! I have a question about the romance rewards. This will be our second trip within 5 years so in March I registered as a member. First, I never got anything in the mail should I have? Second, how do the rewards work. Do I get the credit after this next visit or do we get a credit already because we will be staying twice within 5 years? Do I get money back or do we just get a credit towards our next stay as long as we stay again within 5 years? Thanks

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    Next year you guys need to check out CTI!!!!

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    Hey coconut cutie! I just had to say hi and that we are also excited about CSS. Or just that we are having a honeymoon plain and simple! I promise since it turns out we are going before you that we will fill you in on everything but not spoil it for you either. Can't wait! Love ya girl!!

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    How long ago did you register? You should be receiving a Romance Rewards Card in the mail. I would suggest that you check your Romance Rewards Account online to be sure that everything was set up properly. You may also want to email Couples (link is on the Romance Rewards page) to inquire about your card.

    Your Romance Rewards Account should be credited with the number of nights that you stayed on your first trip (if not, mention it along with your previous dates of stay in your email and Couples will take care of this for you). Those nights will place you into a Romance Rewards Category which will qualify you for specfic rewards. You can get all the details on the Romance Rewards section of the website. Once you have returned from your second trip (and any trips thereafter as long as they are in the specified time frame), your nights will accumulate to include the additional nights you have stayed.

    Hope this helps!

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