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    I am getting married at CTI in March. We too are planning on using the resort photographer for the 24 pics plus the Dvd. I had one question though.... Do you get your images on a Cd as well as the pics in hand? I really wanted my hard copy of the pics and i wanted the images on a cd. Did you also get the Dvd? If so how did you like it i heard they were cheesy, but i really want one cause we are the only ones going. Our parents really would like it videographed! Thanks

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    Hello, I am not sure if you still check the thread but I was wondering if there is anyway I might be able to see the pictures that were taken. I am up in the air about the photography still

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    kristin, I am getting married at CSS in June. If you want to email me I can tell you what we are planning on doing for photography to get amazing photos and save some money! email is

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