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    Default couples Negril or Couples Swept Away

    We are trying to decide between these 2 resorts(never been to a couples resort before). We have travelled alot and one of our favs was PRDO in Houlguin.
    What is important to us is good variety in snorkelling and diving.. Also Lots of shaded areas on the beach or arond the pool.

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    If that's all that's important to you then flip a coin.
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    i would suggest you look on this website at the pics of the pool areas. CN has a swimup bar which is a focal point of the area. Swept Away has three pools that are in different locations. on the Couples home page click the tab for each resort and then scroll down on the left to the maps and panoramic views and have a look for yourself.


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    Both CSA and CN go to the same dive sites for snorkeling, so there won't be any difference there.

    If you think you want an au naturel beach, choose CN. If you want a great sports complex, choose CSA.

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    Flip a coin. Or, look at pictures of both resorts and go for the one that looks more visually stimulating to you. Is the decor what you like, colors, etc. Good luck deciding. CSA ROCKS!!!!

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    Only been to CSA and we loved it! When we were deciding all votes on the message board leaned towards CSA. Didn't feel like we missed out on anything! Enjoy1

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