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    Heeeey CSA FANS of Rum Cream i am not a big drinker but my man went and found some El Dorado Rum Cream here in WASHINGTON DC for me to taste and i just have to say it is off the chain, for those who dont know what off the chain means it meanS it is real real real gooooood. i now cant wait to get there in less then 2weeks away to try all the flavors. do you all think they will let me try all of them at once so i can pick my favorit flavor. i think i will like BANANA LOL. RUM CREAM IS UMMM UMMM GOOD!!!!!

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    Irrecutie: I have not had the El Dorado brand, I have had the Cruzan brand and it is not nearly as good as the Lillifields or Sangsters, I will be as CSA on December 5 - 12 and would be more than happy to be your personal tour guide whan it comes to Rum Cream...We just cracked and finished our last bottle on Saturday last, Banana, Coconut, Blue Mountain Coffee, me personally I like a Lillifields with a Sangsters "floater"...17 Days 'til RUM CREAM All I Want

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