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    Default Swept Away vacation re-cap

    We had a wonderful vacation at Couples Swept Away, October 31 through November 5, 2009. . Delta canceled the flight from South Bend, IN to Atlanta, so we had to rebook and fly out of Chicago Midway.

    Once we were through customs in Montego Bay, we went to the Couples Lounge and enjoyed a few Red Stripe drafts. Lots of other folks, but the trip to Negril was painless. We were in Jamaica, not Indiana, so that was great!! Made a stop for bathrooms, drinks and some Jerk.

    Arrived at CSA to a cold towel and champagne. Nice touch. After a brief visit at the Front Desk, we were taken to our room. We booked an Ocean Verandah Suite and were in building 12, room 4114. Ground level. We had a bit of trouble with the toilet not flushing, but maintenance took care of it. The door to the bathroom could use a bit of planing. There is a high spot on the floor and the door would catch on it. A bit of a nuisance, but not a deal-breaker.

    We hit the beach and had some drinks at the Sunset Bar. Watched our first sunset in paradise and then napped a bit before heading to The Palms for our lobster dinner. The food at all of the restaurants and grills was fantastic. We like to try foods we have never had before. Tried the curried goat, ackee and salt fish, callaloo, roasted conch, sour sop juice, june plum juice – all very good. All of the soups we had were fantastic. The desserts were wonderful also. The sweet potato chips and dip at Seagrapes were great. We got into a routine of ordering a plate of Jerk Chicken and onion rings at the Cabana Grill, and taking it back to our room at the end of the day for late night snacking. The bloody mary and mimosa bar at breakfast (The Palms) was a great feature since the bars do not serve until after 10 a.m. and most mornings we needed an eye-opener! We always tried the drink of the day at the bar. The green flag service is nice when you're laying on the beach. Roan (at the Sunset Bar) makes the best pina colada and hummingbirds. Order one of each for me when you get there!!

    Stopped at the concierge desk and made reservations for Lemongrass and Feathers (both were ok, but when we return we will not bother with them as the other two restaurants are fantastic). At Watersports we reserved a spot on the Catamaran Sunset Cruise and the snorkeling trip – both of which we enjoyed. We did the orientation tour with Akeem. He’s a wonderful guide and we would have not known about a few things if we hadn’t done the tour. Takes about an hour and you get to see where everything is. The sports complex side of the property is impressive. We didn’t use it, but glad we got to see it on the tour.

    After dinner we would stroll along the paths and head to The Palms to see the entertainment each evening. The house band is very good. On Monday we went to the Manager's cocktail party and one night we attended the "free" casino night. I tried to win the bottle of Rum Cream, but got out-bid. Ended up with some nice handmade sandals. It was fun! The romantic bonfire on the beach (Wed. night) was very nice. They set up beach loungers around a bonfire and had live music and a small bar set up. Very cozy. The first night we arrived was Halloween so the movie they were showing on the beach was "Saw 4". We stopped and watched for a little bit, but our day had started at 3 a.m. in Chicago and we were done-in by then.

    Our four full days flew by and before we knew it we had to head home. The resort is beautiful. The staff are friendly and hard-working. We enjoyed strolling along the paths at night and also down by the water where the full moon was making the ocean sparkle.

    We felt blessed to be in such a beautiful place. We are hoping to return next year.

    Renee and Jamie Miller
    Granger, Indiana

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    You have picked some great highlights. When we came over in Feb we didn't stop on the trip from MoBay. Love the idea of stopping for a brew & some Jerk (only eaten it in the resort). It has whetted the appitite for 78 days time!!!

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    We are saving for next year's trip. Can't wait to go back!!!

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    Great review! We'll be heading to CSA Sat. morning and can't wait!!

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    Hi Millers, you're review was awesome and gave me such great memories of our time in paradise last December. We can't return this year but hope to in 2010 or bust! It's too bad you didn't spend an evening with Ultimate Chocolate in the Aura Lounge. We spent two nights with him and they were the highlight of the trip. The man is so cool and implants that warm jamaican hospitality in you that they're so famous for. We had a few issues when we were there with the a/c unit and the safe but like you said, when in paradise they are not deal breakers. Thank you for the review.

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    steveg52: We did see Ultimate Chocolate, but there was something else going on that night (?can't remember now?) that we wanted to see also -- so we didn't stay too long. He sure can command the audience. The sing-along books were just being distributed about the time we left. With only four days at CSA we were trying to see and do everything. Hoping for a full week in 2010.

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    tommcd24 - lucky! Have a safe flight and hope you enjoy CSA as much as we did.

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    Thank you very much for posting such a well written, detailed review. Now for the stupid question - did you have the blue shower gel in your room?

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    Wonderful review

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    Great review! I can't wait to go back 8/2010

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    Yes to the blue shower gel. We were there 11/6-11/13.

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    Yes... blue shower gel!!

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