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    Been back to CTI twice now since the $30M refurb and we both absolutely love everything! Still a few little touchs need to be finished. The coffee shop in the logo shop was "being set up" for the entire 2 week stay and as far as i know we are still waiting. The garden villas have not been refurbished yet. The terrace above the main patio buffet restaurant is stil la vacant space, awaiting utilsation. The gym, sorely needs new equipment a rethink and a better balance of machines etc as well as full time qualified willing instructor! The roundabout in front of the lobby still has not been replanted with flowers to spell out "COUPLES" BUT WE UNDERSTAND THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN. a SHAME BECAUSE THAT WAS WHEN WE FELT WE HAD ARIVED HOME. Seeing the floral "COUPLES"

    Below is a picture of one item that we are very greatful appears to have been forgoten about in the refurbs!

    Are these the last ever Couples lions?
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