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    Default CN Guinness Beers etc?

    Does CN have Guinness available, if so is it draft Guinness? Also what other beers does CN have, and are they all draft beers or are some available in bottles?

    Also can you get Smirnoff Vodka and Jameson's Irish Whiskey?

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    Guiness bottles are available in the bar by the lobby that is opening in the evenings. It is the Jamaican brewed Guiness and is the stout, not draft variety. You can also get the Jamaican brewed Heineken in that bar.

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    Only thing on draft was Red Strip or Red Strip Light, there was Coors Light in cans too available.

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    actually, they also had miller lite in cans. I love budweiser but since they didn't have that, I drank red stripe and loved it also. cheers.

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