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    Can anyone tell me the difference in the rooms?

    Only the “suites” have the mini bar right? The “ocean” rooms have 3 different categories, Deluxe, Superior and Premier… Is the Premier the suite? Maybe the dates I am putting in but the only room that says “suite” is a garden view?

    I am looking for a room with a mini bar and an ocean view… but don’t want to spend more than I have to….


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    you want the ocean jr. suite - the premier is not a suite

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    Yes only the suites have a mini bar. They are called ONE BEDROOM OCEAN,

    Deluxe, Superior and Premier are not suites.
    Irie Mon

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    The suite is the Ocean Jr and the Garden Jr....otherwise you have to get a one bedroom suite....I loved my Ocean Jr Suite when I got was so much bigger than my guests' rooms, which one had deluxe ocean and one had superior ocean, and two had garden deluxe....

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    i just came back last nite.
    the premier ocean which we stayed in did not have a mini bar nor was it a suite - just a single room with a walk in closet and bath.

    why do you want a mini bar? you can get drinks and bring them to your room, which we did.
    i think the suites have a fridge, jacuzzi and a minibar (there are some other posts that do adress this)

    we had a great view from our room; i think the premier rooms have the best ocean views hence the price differential.

    good luck in your decision.
    we had a great time - only wish we could've stayed longer.

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    Thanks for the replies, I checked and during the time I am looking for they only have the garden suite and no “Ocean suite” or “One bedroom suites” available…. and why do I want a mini bar? Truth is I am a huge drinker and now confined to 24/7 AA meetings… I have devised a great plan to escape these meetings some time next May. The plan involves a toothpick, shovel, a good pair of wire cutters and a pink feather but I can’t go into too many details on the internet…

    I would really like the ocean view so we can sit in the morning and enjoy breakfast (continental for the girlfriend, Bloody Mary, Mimosa or sometimes coffee with booze in it for me). Clearly the mini bar would be a huge benefit but if they don’t have the ocean view “suite” available, can we just go to the bar and bring up drinks? I assume from the response we can but what time are the bars open? I plan to be passed out /unconscious by 3am but you never know, I could randomly wake up and have the shakes and need a fix of booze, will I be able to get it at that time?

    I am well aware of the no tipping rule but… could I “bribe” a bar tender $10 to give me a large bucket or at least a large tray of drinks to get me through the night? I see no policy preventing me from bribing staff? In essence I could just make my own mini bar right? Do the regular rooms at least have a fridge to keep things cold? Is there and Ice bucket available?

    I would also like to get a good sense on the type of drinks they serve. I know they have Red Stripe and I think I saw a post with Miller Light cans too right? What about the drinks? Do they have menus for suggestions etc? If so, to save me reading the menu when I get there (it takes from valuable drinking time), can you list some of your favorites? Maybe I can just order them alphabetically and try them one by one? Anyone done that and what is your favorite?

    Speaking of which, does this place have an IV they can loan me? I find drinking this way is a lot more efficient, one in hand, one in arm... My girlfriend gets embarrassed when I am double fisting all the time… At least with an IV I can use one hand to read the menu and randomly wave to my girlfriend as she lay’s around the pool tanning…

    I will only be able to stay for one week for 3 reasons, 1- Fear that the AA group may extend their search party beyond the border to find me. 2- Fear the CTI will go bankrupt and I would ruin it for others 3- not entirely sure my liver can take more than one week of abuse….

    Any input to abuse the AI drinking system would be much appreciated….

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    I like your thinking; the only problem is if you knew where the feather was being stored just now, you wouldn’t want to drink through it…

    So any help on the questions… well the real ones…I couldn’t book a “suite” but really would like to know if the “deluxe ocean view” has a fridge or at least a way of keeping some drinks cool i.e. an ice bucket or something…


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    If it helps they have all the fixings for bloody mary's and mimosa's in the Patio buffet at breafast time.... never a shortage of vokda or champagne at CTI You could whip up a few and take them back up to your room

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    I have the room list and map for CTI if that would help you visualize the layout (
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