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    Default Cn November 27th- Dec. 4th

    Looking foward to this!!! 3rd time to Jamaica and 1st time to Couples. We can't wait. I can't think of a better place to wear off all the Thanksgiving goodies. Who else will be there?
    Jamaica Us Happy
    Jason & Ann

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    we fly in Nove 24 and there through the 2nd. That is if Air Jamaica doesn't move us again.

    Where you guys coming from? We are in PA (hence the name) so I am hoping for a cold fall to make vacation even that much better.

    Also looking forward to not having to suffer through the failure that is the Eagles every Nov - Dec.

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    We are from Ia. Also flying AJ but out of O'Hare. If our summer says anything about this fall it will be cold. We could see lows in the 40's tomorrow morning. That is nuts for this time of year. I feel your pain, I am a Broncos fan and even though they had a couple of years of success in the past it has been no party either. Rum and sun will take care of any disappointments I have though.
    Jamaica Us Happy
    Jason & Ann

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    We fly in on 24th and out Dec 1st.
    From Kansas City.
    5th time to CN.
    Can't wait.

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    Good to see I am not the only couples rookie. It seems like every thread I read people are on # 2 or more. Once I read had someone there 2 times a year.

    Now that is dedication folks.

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    I think that must be because many "newbies" don't learn about the boards until they have been here. I feel the same way though. I'm looking foward to the day I can say " yea, this is my 6th time here". It may take me awhile though. I don't think Jamaica is going anywhere so I'm sure I have time.
    Jamaica Us Happy
    Jason & Ann

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    We will be at CN from Nov 26 - Dec 4.
    Nothing better than jerk turkey for Thanksgiving !
    Sandy & Paula, Buzzards Breath, Tennessee
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    Default Newbies

    We will be there for Turkey day also. Nov. 26th to Dec. 4th. We are new to the whole Couples Phenomenon and think we picked the right place.
    A little nervous about hurricaine season running later this year, but I'm expecting a great vacation nonethe less. See you there!!

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    Oh.....and we are from California

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    You will be fine. Hurricane season is well over by the end of Nov. This will also be our first time to Couples, but our 4th time to Jamaica.
    Jamaica Us Happy
    Jason & Ann

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    Default Nov 29th to Dec 8th

    Hi All,

    Some names and faces we recognise already on this thread. Some new ones we look forward to meeting. It will be our 15th trip to CN. Back to our old time slot right after thanksgiving having missed it for a couple of years doing xmas/new year. We are from the UK and after a rough year things have settled down and we can at last make plans. Meeting up with another couple from FL that we met last xmas.
    Looking forward to meeting everyone.
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    Kev and Becky

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    Default 17-30 Nov

    We'll be there 17-30 November. 2nd time for CN - but third time to Couples. I am planning on a vow renewal to surpise my husband. It's been a rough two years with losses in our family and I think it will be great for our 15th anniversary.

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    I think most people have gone through a rough year. We ALL deserve a vacation!! I can't wait for red flag service....Pamper me!
    I cannot wait to meet all of you!

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    Default Nov 30 - Dec 6

    We are newbies... looking forward to the trip.... We will be there from Nov 30th - Dec 6th.... Flying from NYC....

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    Rita and Jim Nov 28- Dec 5..........8th trip to Ja but first to Negril

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    Default CUBS = Completely Useless By September

    We'll be there from Nov. 28th - Dec 6th!

    3rd time to CN and can't wait to get back home!

    By the way, JSTONE1973, CUBS = Completely Useless By September!

    GO CARDS! Hehe!

    See you all in November/December

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    Yea, I was waiting for that.
    But hey, you know, there is always next year!!
    Cards are the team to beat right now, thats for sure.
    I tell you what, if the Cards win the division I will even buy you both a drink at the resort. HE HE!!

    Jamaica Us Happy
    Jason & Ann

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    Default Mlb

    Cubs ?

    Beware the Braves !

    However, anybody but the Yankees.

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    Since my Cubs are all but done, off to College Football.
    Jamaica Us Happy
    Jason & Ann

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    Well I would have a month ago said. Go Phillies, but they may turn into the METS soon!

    GO PSU!

    FYI, with it being THanksgiving, is there any chance at all of getting American Football in JA?

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    I sure hope so - that will be the samme time that Florida State plays Florida. I know it probably won't be pretty but I"m a true blue FSU fan.

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    We arrive 11/30 and leave 12/8.......see you soon. coming from Altoona, IA

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    Joeandkelley - I hear you, I am a true Blue and WHITE fan. Willing to give up the Lions for this week+ away.

    My Aunt said she would ship Turkey down for Couples to make. Apparently she thinks All American's should have Turkey on Thanksgiving. I said, well we won't be in America, we will be in Jamaica. I think it was missed on her.

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    Kev and Becky, it will be good to see you two again. We've wondered where you two have been the past couple of years. My wife and I will be there at the same time. Look forward to sitting around the pool bar.
    David and Laurie

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    Don't look now but we are only 8 1/2 out.
    Maybe you will owe ME that drink!!!
    HE HE
    Jamaica Us Happy
    Jason & Ann

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